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Kirtilals launches it’s first-ever ‘Exclusive TechBridal Studio’ for the brides-to-be at Crosscut Road Showroom, Coimbatore



Kirtilals launches it’s first-ever ‘Exclusive Techno Bridal Studio’ for the brides-to-be at Crosscut Road Showroom, Coimbatore

Coimbatore:  Kirtilals, the premium fine diamond and gold jewellery brand, trusted by its patrons for its high standards of quality and craftsmanship, launches its Exclusive Bridal Studio at Crosscut Road Showroom, Coimbatore. Kirtilals has made the experience of finding the perfect jewellery for brides even more personal and memorable this wedding season. The exclusive bridal studio offers jewellery for every occasion, from engagement to reception, along with a personalised experience that allows the bride to make her big day a truly exceptional moment where she is the princess. This Bridal Studio incorporates technology seamlessly to enable a rich and memorable shopping experience.

The bridal studio displays a captivating and rare collection of contemporary and traditional bridal jewellery in visibly brilliant diamonds. Known for exemplary craftsmanship since 1939, Kirtilals brings an exquisite jewellery range of diamonds and precious stones in an array of designs. In addition, the store showcases a collection of on-trend and traditional inspirations that can be customised as well. Ensuring excellent quality control along the journey, the brand also offers best-in-class ‘Personalised services” – including a personal shopping experience and a virtual showcase experience- to try the entire universe of Kirtilals’ design catalogue. 

Additionally, the store also customises the dream wedding jewellery according to the new bride’s needs. With state-of-the-art technology and keen attention to detail, the designers at the store can assist the bride to have a signature style.

Technology in Bridal Studio:

This Techno Bridal Studio is a great combination of traditional bridal designs with the latest technology. Virtual Try-on is a feature that helps to trial any number of designs apart from the existing products in the store and pick from a seemingly endless collection of pieces.


Customization tablet enables the designer to create new designs on a touch screen device according to customer inputs. This is immediately rendered as a virtual design for the customer to try instantly and order the one they like.  Truly the sky is the limit for the bride to be, all this within 10 minutes.

Once customers shortlist their favourite products The Smart Tray helps capture the customer’s interest which assists in serving them better with the designs they like and the estimations of the product they shortlisted can be instantly shown to them.

Remote Controlled Focus Lights enhance the in-store experience where the lights can move toward the customer while they try new products from the studio. The brilliance is always on the Bride to be.

The studio is also integrated with the Virtual Store option, in which customers can browse through the infinite number of designs present across all the Kirtilals Universe.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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