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Stunning spread of colour gemstones in JAS 2021




Colour gemstones are gaining ground in the Indian consumer’s mind gradually. Luxury, aspiration and royalty are some of the traits which luxury brands associate these precious gemstones with. Understanding the market is the need of the hour and Jewellers Association Show has done just that with an unprecedented access of colour gemstones to the trade through the show starting on August 18.

For three days, retailers and wholesalers will get to buy from a large list of precious and semi-precious stones at JAS, the premium B2B show which ends on August 20. This is a marked departure from past experiences at the show wherein retailers used to get a short window of one day to make their purchases. This time, colour gemstones has a whole new arena called Gemworld where 37 exhibitors are showcasing gemstones. Creating separate counters for jewellery and gemstones has already started impacting buying choices better than before.

There is a breathtaking array of gemstones on display at JAS 2021. Emeralds, sapphires, pearls, diamonds, rubies, gomedak and coral are just a few of the precious stones, while a similar array of semi-precious stones such as kunzite, amethyst, tanzanite and chalcedony are making retailers spoilt for choice.The show indeed is charting every level of demand in gemstones, starting from emerald-studded high jewellery to pretty moizanite pieces.

Ashok Maheshwari, JAS secretary & owner, Nakshatra Gems, says that unique cuts in emeralds are on display. “We are buying from mines, cutting and selling polished in wholesale. We are providing a decent supply to retailers so that end-consumers get a lot of choices. 95% of manufacturing of Zambian emeralds is in Jaipur and there are a lot of takers for high-value Zambian emerald jewellery here,” he said.

Similarly, Sharad Bothara from Gem Gallery talks about the diverse collection of precious and semi-precious inventory such as rubies, aquamarines, morganitesa and tourmalines.


JAS 2021’s exhibit of gemstones gives buyers the option to strategize their buying plans towards more of colour gemstone jewellery. Retailers indeed are getting connected to the root of gemstone artistry in Jaipur with the fantastic exhibit at JAS 2021. The premium B2B show is offering expert buying guidance from reputed manufacturers across all walks of jewellery, and it is significantly shaping up retailers’ inventory with a lot of colour splash while promising healthy margins.

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Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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