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#SparkARevolution: BK Saraf Jewellers urges customers to challenge the status quo with powerful campaign



The main objective of the six-month-long campaign is to remould the perspective about jewellery, as it urges people to defy traditional gender roles, be unconventional, ignite the passion within and exercise this ‘revolution’ in their jewellery choices too

Lucknow: BK Saraf Jewellers has just launched ‘Spark a Revolution’, a campaign that urges individuals to challenge the status quo, and feel empowered to express themselves freely, without fear of judgment or constraint, and exercise this ‘revolution’ in their jewellery choices too. 

The campaign is positioned as a movement dedicated to breaking down barriers – urging people to defy traditional gender roles, be unconventional, ignite the passion within and be the inspiration for others. “The jewellery we craft serves as a catalyst for personal revolution, encouraging you to delve into your inner radiance. Embrace the fusion of tradition with innovation, and let our creations guide you to unveil your brilliance,” says the brand on Instagram, inviting customers to fill up a form to say why “I am the revolution”.

In another post, the brand says, “In a world where gender norms often dictate societal expectations and limitations, it’s time to challenge the status because gender doesn’t define who we are or what we can achieve.”

Beyond adornment, the brand urges customers to “wear their aspirations and explore the journey of self-discovery and transformation”. While conventional colour palettes rule jewellery choices, the campaign’s objective is to disrupt and remould perspectives about jewellery, says Amol Bansal, Director, BK Saraf Jewellers. “One has to think beyond lehenga-clad models, and red and maroon velvety backgrounds to assimilate the experience of jewellery shopping. This has been an age-old mindset spawned by stylistically similar retail experiences across the country, which has forced people to use, re-use and often not use jewellery in the manner that they feel right for themselves,” Bansal explains. 

The social media imprints of the campaign in terms of bold reels and experimental fashion break the barriers of age-old mindsets. “If you ask a transgender about a change in society, the person will compare their lifestyles to that of the first two genders in society. If you ask the same question to a poor child, he would talk about getting a three-course meal a day, and clothes to wear. Our campaign hasn’t used traditional colours. We have celestial purple, lemon yellow and fluorescent pink to break the monotony of maroon and red palettes. We have shown a woman wearing a yellow frock and a man donning chunky polki jewellery with effortless elegance, something that has never been aligned with traditional jewellery,” adds Bansal. 

‘Radiance in You’ is the first video launched under this campaign that will run for at least six months. Its display starts with maroon and suddenly, the flow is broken by celestial purple. BK Saraf Jewellers also represents the preferences of first-time buyers or those who haven’t developed a penchant for jewellery. In doing so, the brand has roped in 30 influencers including Ambuli Mishra, Shweta Tehlani, Akash Pandey, Priyamvada Singh, Insia Naqui, Shubhranshu Singh, Jasleen Kaun, Nainka, Bhavika Chaturvedi, Aliza, to focus on making this campaign viral in Lucknow first and then beyond it. 

‘Spark a Revolution’ has a 360-degree marketing strategy including print ads, radio channels and BTL activations. Views across social media have increased, leading to a 10-15% increase in website traffic already, says Bansal, adding that five more videos are to be unveiled in the coming six months, and this number is expected to increase. 

The jeweller has tied up with Farzi Café in the hotel-restaurant-catering segment for the campaign. “Whenever a customer scans our QR code at their counters, they see our campaign and enquire thereafter,” says Bansal. The brand is also mulling over approaching departmental stores, and health and fitness industry verticals such as gyms to spread the word.

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