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Bengal Jewellery launches centennial opus ‘More Than a Jeweller’, celebrates clients in year-long campaign




The brand had taken an oath in 2023 to hire LGBTQIA+ staffers, to build a more inclusive community and to show that customers and people are much more valuable to it than its jewellery products

Kolkata: When it comes to commemorating brand anniversaries, it is believed that the grander the celebration, the more lasting the impression. However, Kolkata-based Bengal Jewellery LLP believes that keeping the celebrations meaningful and cohesive can have more impact, not only for the brand but also for its customers and the jewellery industry at large. The jewellery brand recently launched a treatise titled ‘More Than a Jeweller’ to commemorate its 100th anniversary, which was preceded by a year-long campaign featuring the brand’s clients from India, the USA and Canada. As a prelude to the book launch, the jeweller started the social media campaign ‘Celebrating the Jewel in You’ in 2022 and continued it until the anniversary in 2024.

Inspired by the hard work that the company’s original founders poured into the brand and the works of the late Samaresh Majumdar, a distinguished Bengali author, the brand compiled various stories and experiences through a hundred years of its existence into the book and planned the launch.


Talking about the launch event, Shubadip Roy, Designated Partner, Bengal Jewellery LLP, said, “We launched the book at The Kolkata International Book Fair 2024 and people thronging the fair as well as our long-time clients turned up for the launch. Through this book, we wanted to capture the essence of our services, more than our product. A major takeaway from the book launch was how well we are connected to our clients. That is significant because we have featured many of our clients in our pre-anniversary campaign ‘Celebrating the Jewel in You’ as an ode to all our customers.”

In keeping with the essence of the campaign, the brand endeavoured to showcase its customers from different walks of life, even children with Down’s Syndrome, in its posts. Its Instagram handle is replete with multiple testimonials shared by clients whose stories reflect the brand’s deep connect with them. The contents of the book also feature many stories from the jewellery fraternity and the brand’s influences that have helped take the industry forward.

“Our book documents the brand’s contributions that have influenced the eastern region of India and also the Occident, showing how we value our customers, and that speaks a lot about our credibility. Hence, our campaign photoshoots do not feature models; rather, the brand is represented by our clients,” added Roy.

Even though the centennial volume is designed to be a coffee-table book, it is a comprehensive compilation of the legacy that the brand is carrying forward. With the book, the brand aims to leave an indelible mark in the history of jewellery, keeping its tradition intact. 

Meanwhile, Roy also mentioned that Bengal Jewellery took an oath at its centennial programme in 2023 to hire members from the LGBTQIA+ group as staffers, to build a more inclusive community, thereby reiterating that its customers and people are much more valuable to it than its jewellery products.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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