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Shri Ram Jewellers launches bridal range inspired by Heeramandi web series



Shri Ram Jewellers launches bridal range inspired by Heeramandi web series

The collection, although bridal, is also being marketed as a festive collection with sections in gold, polki, and diamond jewellery

Raipur: Matching product releases with trends, especially that of Bollywood in a competitive market such as India, is a given. For Shri Ram Jewellers from Raipur, the immediate inspiration for their bridal collection was the popular web series, ‘Heeramandi’, on Netflix. Banking on the hype, the collection is named ‘Sonamandi: the gold bazaar’, and the brand has already released an impressive reel that resemble the look and feel of the star cast of Heeramandi

The reel, which has amassed over 77K views after only four days of release, showcases six models draped in heavy bridal jewellery of polki, gold, and diamonds, imbuing the personalities of the actresses on-screen. Speaking about the collection, Poonam Kharkia Gupta, director at Vaidehi by Shri Ram Jewellers, Raipur, said, “We have categorized the collection into 3 separate sections. It’s a bridal collection but is marketed to be a festive collection too. The price starts at Rs 25 lakhs and goes all the way up to Rs 45 lakhs. It is crafted to cater to a niche audience. The collection primarily targets young brides-to-be.”

Elaborating on the design language of the collection, Gupta said that Sonamandi has several sub-sections. The first is ‘Ruhaniyat: The Glimmers Of Gold’, a gold jewellery range with craftsmanship at the center of attraction. Then comes ‘Jahaan- the empress jewels’, featuring uncut polki diamonds that emanate the Mughal extravagance. Finally comes the ‘Sunheri: The chant of tradition’, which is an all-gold range.

Online, the brand has already taken initiatives to promote the collection across social media and has received positive traction. Regarding offline promotional activity, Shri Ram Jewellers plans on running advertisements for the collection in theatres. “We are working to produce a commercial for our collection. Alongside these, we are also looking at other outdoor advertisements like hoardings across the city,” Gupta maintained


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