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BlueStone gives buyers the gift of choice with the launch of two festive collections



BlueStone gives buyers the gift of choice with the launch of two festive collections

BlueStone, one of India’s leading omnichannel fine jewellery brands, announces the launch of their contemporary festive collections, Onella and Ashta.

The onset of the festive season marks most jewellery brands’ launch of heavy, locker-centric jewellery. While young, cosmopolitan couples, too, have developed an interest in observing festivities with the purchase of fine jewellery, their preference weighs on the side of lighter, everyday-wear pieces that they don’t have to keep away in the locker. BlueStone’s concept-driven collections further appeal to their sensibilities as young buyers seek a deeper connection to the pieces they purchase.

On that note, the design-led jewellery brand has launched Onella and Ashta, two versatile collections that capture the best of festivities with a modern twist. Featuring an array of necklaces – including one in a modern lariat style, earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, and more.

Meaning ‘light’ in Greek, Onella marks celebrations in a new light. The collection is inspired by the festivities that young cosmopolitan couples are redefining on their own terms. It marries the festive frolic of diyas, rangolis, mithai, firecrackers, lanterns and more with modern wearability – giving buyers the choice of contemporary designs while maintaining the spirited rootedness of the season. Crafted in 18KT gold, the pieces feature pearls, white diamonds, yellow sapphires, and orange gemstones to bring out the season’s warmth.

Inspired by the eight manifestations of the goddess divine, the Ashta collection is hand-crafted for the multi-faceted woman of today. Distinctive motifs like lotuses, elephants, pearls, and more, in chic silhouettes capture the eight divine gifts of knowledge, courage, stability, success, luck, and spiritual and material wealth to celebrate the divine femininity with a modern twist. Hewn from diamonds, white topazes, and gemstones, on 18KT yellow, rose gold and white gold, the collection features interchangeable designs that can be used across occasions.

Speaking on the collections, Vipin Sharma, Chief Merchandising Officer at BlueStone, said, “We’ve crafted two unique stories for the festive months – a delightful interpretation of the festive best with Onella and a stylish rendition of the divine feminine with Ashta. Jewellery is a marker of individuality and style; therefore, these two collections – one driven by an interpretation of the goddess’ eight avatars and the other with Diwali’s most-loved emblems – are the perfect Diwali creations. Given where and how today’s buyers wear these pieces – with the workplace now counting as an occasion and sartorial choices moving toward fusion-wear or Indo-Western options -these collections’ modern wearability further endears them to the consumers.”

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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