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Serving the customer in times of corona

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With the pandemic bringing normalcy to a halt, everyone is looking to redefine their sales practices. Gone are the days when buying jewellery meant tedious visits to stores and sifting through designs. The virtual is the reality now, and jewellers are going the extra mile to add to the customers’ comfort factor. From video calls to home trials, nothing is being left out. The Retail Jeweller talks to some stores to gain an insight into their sales pitches.

Rahul Kohli
Owner, Deshraj Jewellers, New Delhi

The deal amount finalised over video call doubled because of the home visit

In July, one of our customers needed to buy wedding jewellery as their daughter was getting married in August. We showed them our collections in gold, diamond and polka over video chat. They shortlisted a few and finalised three. They requested us for a try-at-home session. We took all the pieces that they had shortlisted initially. We wanted to show them everything in reality because at times, the feel is lost digitally. It worked as they loved all the pieces. They paid online.

‘Selling heavy bridal jewellery over a phone is a different ballgame, and we were happy that we could achieve it

We have an old customer who informed us of an upcoming wedding in the family. They wanted to purchase the jewellery from us but it wasn’t possible for them to come over. So, we got a detailed briefing from them about the designs they were looking for. It helped because the customer was very particular about what she wanted. We sent them images and they modified things. Of the 20 designs, they liked 10 and we had them look at the detailing on our Augmented Reality (AR) platform. Six pieces were finalised and we sent them over to her hometown, almost 80km away, with two of our people. They stayed there the whole day but it paid off because the customer liked five of the six designs.

Aadhar Manglik
Director, Bhagat Jewellers, Meerut

Avijit Jog
Owner, Govind Narayan Jog and Sons, Kolhapur

The coordination between two groups of people- one in the waiting room another at the counter was maddening

When we reopened, we had a group of 15 people come in to buy wedding jewellery. Due to Covid norms, we only allowed three people inside and the rest had to be seated in the waiting area. It took them some convincing. Once this problem was solved, another erupted. Pieces liked by the group inside were rejected by the bigger group waiting outside. The coordination was maddening, but finally, they bought a few pieces. The entire process took about five hours and was a test of patience.

‘We took time to convince her to take off the gloves and try the rings

Last week, we had a to-be bride looking for diamond rings. She was unable to make up her mind with our collection as she was hesitant to wear the rings due to the pandemic. We normally have a staffer wear it to show them. But the case is different with rings, as the customer needs to be satisfied with the touch factor. It is also difficult to examine the design if you are trying to wear it over gloves. She was really happy and closed the deal immediately.

Abdul Hameed Motiwala
Partner, Omarsons Jewellers, Mumbai

Tarun Kanwar
CEO, NTS Navrattan Jewellers Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

‘A sale that was close to our heart’

Right after the lockdown was lifted, we had an outstation client who wanted to buy wedding jewellery. We connected via video call and deputed three-four staff members, and used props to enhance the showroom experience. The couple shortlisted a few pieces and we had a staff put it on for them. We gave them a price breakup, and once they finalised the design, they paid online. The jewellery was delivered to their doorstep. As this was our first online sale, it’s very close to my heart.

A video call followed by home trial but still the deal fell through until we made our last try

Sometimes, however much you try, things take their own time. We had a new customer who wanted to buy wedding jewellery in the first week of June. However, no sale happened. After a while, they called us and asked for designs to be shown via video call. We agreed. Once some designs were zeroed-in on, the customer asked for a home trial before finalising a piece and paying for it. We did that too. After they selected the designs, we asked for the final payment and they told us they don’t have the full amount. The deal fell through. It was extremely disappointing because we made a lot of effort and nothing came to fruition. But we didn’t give up and kept following through. After a month, they closed the deal.

Rohan Sharma
MD, RK Jewellers, New Delhi

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