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A pandemic rages on, but India’s love for jewellery goes untarnished by the dampener

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Leading jewellers share tidbits about big sales that they made during and after the lockdown

Vinit Ajit Bora
Simratmal Kundanmal Jewellers, Ahmednagar

‘Sold 200gm gold at pre-lockdown rates’

Before the lockdown, we had customers shopping for wedding jewellery. Many had shortlisted pieces to be bought later, but that deals fell through due to the sudden lockdown. However, immediately after the lockdown lifted, the same customers came in and asked about them. The gold rates had gone up by then, but as a gesture, we gave away the pieces at the pre-lockdown rates. We sold close to 200gm of jewellery this way. Though the number is big, we kept the customer ahead of our needs. Maintaining relationships is paramount for us. We gained quite a few customers just on recommendations.

‘The impact of increased volatility in gold price had to be explained to the customer

Post lockdown, we had a lady visit us with her daughter, looking for a jadau necklace set. After going through our designs, they decided to visit other stores to compare. They came back later and were accompanied by the lady’s husband. He was not happy with our prices and complained that they were high. Our store manager intervened and explained to them that the market was volatile now and gold prices were going up. We also told them that our pieces were seemingly expensive because they were unique. They got our point after a while and bought the jewellery. When we followed up a month later, they sounded happy and the man thanked us for the useful advice.

Shyamal H Parekh
General Manager, Shah Virchand Govanji, Surat

Chintak Jhaveri

Partner, Arunbhai Maneklal Jhaveri & Sons, Ahmedabad

‘Got clients from US through social media push’

We gained a lot through social media. We update our designs regularly, and had a person from the US enquiring about one of our diamond earrings. He spoke to his brother about it, who came to our store and checked out the earrings. The he video called his brother in the US and showed him the product. The customer finalised the deal and transferred the amount in our bank account. The sale was done.

‘Our exquisite designs sold themselves’

Recently, one of our regular customers came from Patiala to buy wedding jewellery. They have been buying from us for three generations. The client was initially planning to buy jewellery worth Rs 9-10 lakh, but ended up buying products worth Rs 18 lakh. The client was looking to buy jewellery from a local jeweller too, but did not get good designs, so we came to benefit just by our designs.

Abhinav Windlas
Lachhman Dass Vidya Sagar Jewellers, Ambala Cant, Haryana

Anuj Jain
Partner, SS Jewellers, Gurugram

‘The customer came only after I sent him a video of the safety arrangements in the showroom’

In June, a customer called me about buying some pieces but was hesitant to visit our showroom due to the current situation.  Although I tried to convince him about our safety measures, it did not work and he requested that I send him the options home. I found it risky, and declined the request. We tried video calling, but that did not work either. So, I had a video made inside the showroom, which focused on all the safety arrangements and also on other customers who had come in, and sent it to them. It worked and the customer, convinced, came over to our showroom within two hours.

‘Customer closed the deal on the first day the lockdown liftedy’

Before the lockdown, one of my regular customers had finalized some gold pieces, but the payment was stalled due to the sudden closure. During the lockdown, they called and asked us to keep the jewellery aside. The phone call was a surprise to me as I thought that they had changed their minds. When the lockdown lifted, they came over on the very first day. The gold rates had increased, so I adjusted it against the making charges. The customer left the store happy.

Saroj Karmakar
Abharni Jewellers, Bhilai, Chattisgarh

Vipin Aggarwal
Mussaddilal Hari Krishna Dass Jewellers, Ambala Cant, Haryana

‘Sold jewellery worth Rs 12 lakh to one customer alone’

A few days ago, a family of 4 came in to buy gold jewellery. They were on a Rs 5-7 lakh budget. We showed them our collections and they shortlisted a few to fit their budget. While we were in the process of billing, they checked out our new collection on display and were so impressed that they asked the sales person to show more designs. When the final bill was being made, the figure came close to Rs 12 lakhs. The deal was done and this was a big day for us amid the pandemic.

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