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Sawansukha launches Sussanne Khan-curated collection ‘Bind Runes’ by Pure Facets




The exquisitely designed pieces of fine jewellery are inspired by the ancient symbol of runes

Sawansukha, a home-grown legacy jewellery brand, has just unveiled a new collection of jewellery, Bind Runes, specially designed by fashion designer Sussanne Khan. Made by Pure Facets, the collection includes exquisite pieces that draw inspiration from the ancient symbols of runes. It embodies the rich cultural heritage and mysticism of the Viking and Norse civilizations.

The new collection features a range of designs, from delicate and intricate pieces to bold and statement jewellery. The runes designs are carefully selected to imbue each piece with a specific meaning and significance, such as protection, strength, love, etc. Each piece in the collection is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, using the choicest materials including gold, diamonds and precious stones.

Launching the new collection from Sawansukha’s flagship store in Kolkata, Siddharth R Sawansukha, MD, Sawansukha Jewellers, said, “In this special collection, we have used a lot of colours and this jewellery is for the new generation not just by age, but also by heart. Lots of intricate shapes and designs have been used and for the first time, we have created jewellery which can be taken as an art piece, which is a unique concept.”

Sussanne Khan said, “Every individual likes to carry his or her unique aura inside-out. As people spend time with their conscience, knowing their personality better, they ought to present their unique qualities through the pieces of jewellery they wear. Through the new collection Bind Runes, I wanted to portray not just a jewellery piece, but rather art, which is inspired from something that resonates with the new generation – simple yet a statement which is bold and stands out as a collection or something to carry with you, specially for the young girls of our generation.”


Speaking about the new range, Pavitra Gandhi, Founder, Bind Runes, spokesperson at Pure Facets, said, “The idea behind Bind Runes is to combine two arts – design and jewellery – and to create something unique. Being third generation diamantaires, we wanted to put forward the best designs and our expertise through this collection.”

Sawansukha has a legacy of eight generations, originating as jewellers in Rajasthan. Its range comprises exclusive Calcutta craftsmanship in gold, diamond and jadau, and operations extend from manufacture to design, retail, export and wholesale. The brand operates five retail outlets across Kolkata and Siliguri.

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