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Jewel Saga Jaipur holds its first jewellery styling masterclass for select clientele across Bengaluru 




The participants, a mix of the existing clientele, potential customers and influencers, were a group of jewellery enthusiasts, keen to learn the art of styling fine jewellery 

Bengaluru: Jewel Saga Jaipur recently organised an exclusive Jewellery Styling Masterclass at Rain Tree in Bangalore which hosted the attendees. The event was attended by a select group of 25 individuals, who were personally invited. Maintaining an aura of exclusivity, minimal promotion was undertaken on the brand’s Instagram page. 

Sawansukha, Creative Director, Jewel Saga Jaipur, who led the masterclass, mentioned that the attendees comprised a diverse mix of the brand’s loyal clientele, prospective customers, and a few influencers. All participants were eager to delve deeper into the art of jewellery styling, making the gathering an exchange of insights and inspiration. The brand’s aim in planning this activity showed that its connection with its clients went beyond buying and selling jewellery. 

“The hosts of the event got us in touch with the potential clients who would be interested in the masterclass, as they know the city well. With a small crowd of women at the event, everyone received personal attention and learned well,” she added. 

The masterclass, named Le’Style, began as a simple jewellery showcase and evolved under Sawansukha’s visionary direction into a more elaborate and transformative concept. The showcase featured a fresh collection crafted from natural gemstones, with 18kt gold and diamonds. “The collection is called La Fleur, the French word for flowers, and is related to nature. They are mainly statement pieces and their USP is the French enamelling,” she explained. 


The pieces from the La Fleur collection start from a price range of Rs. 3 lakhs; however, most of the pieces start at Rs. 5 lakhs. While the brand does not want to limit its base of clientele to just HNIs, it manages to stand out for its statement pieces and classic curations that hint at the refined tastes and preferences of jewellery buyers.  

Following the successful event and favourable feedback from attendees, Jewel Saga Jaipur is considering expanding this combined showcase and masterclass to other cities. “I have also learned jewellery styling; so, when I decided to integrate this into our jewellery displays, the initial idea was simply to offer something distinct in addition to displaying jewellery. This idea grew in my mind, and I envisioned it becoming a broader component of Jewel Saga, expanding our offerings under a larger umbrella,” explained Sawansukha. 

Sawansukha noted that the ladies at the event were avid jewellery lovers who were interested in an interactive session, which made the event much more meaningful. “These days, everyone is conscious of what they wear and what jewellery they want to pick. I would say that they were quite an eager, accepting, and responsive audience,” she maintained.  

According to the brand, the combined activity gave it a greater edge over other competitors in the market, because this was a new concept that interested its clientele. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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