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RJIF – Retailer responses: 50w max



Nehal Shah – Cool diamond Jewellery (Ennese), Founder, Mumbai
The session on brand marketing explained in great detail how to create a brand and how to build its value. It was interesting to know how the modern woman consumer is evolving and how brands should address her.

D Ashokumar , Owner, Dharma Jewellers, Vaniyambadi
Every speaker was knowledgeable as well as engaging. I enjoyed being at RJIF and interacting with my industry peers.

Divyesh Shah – Jewellery Retail Expert, Mumbai
The Forum is very important for the jeweller fraternity. The industry is facing a number of challenges and needs new thinking to rebuild itself for the future. All the sessions were timely and practical. They will help jewellers understand how to re-strategise our business.

Poonam Jalan – Jewellery Designer, Johari, Mumbai
This is the first time I have attended an industry-specific forum. It was useful and insightful, and I thank the Retail Jeweller for establishing such a platform. The session on brand-building was particularly interesting. Other sessions covered most of the challenges facing the jewellery industry today.

Shweta Pathak – Jewellery Designer, Aakarshan, Bhopal
RJIF has brought forward-thinking Indian jewellers together on one platform to share their insights on growth and preparing for the future. I liked the final session, in which a diverse set of retailers talked about defining their markets and their positioning strategies.

Suraj Popley – Owner, Popley Eternal, Mumbai
We rarely get the opportunity to engage with our fellow jewellers. RJIF helps bring us up to date on the latest developments and how they impact our industry. We hope to apply the learnings from the sessions in our business.

Satya Sai – Running and Development Manager, GRT, Chennai
This is the third year in a row that I have attended the Forum. The knowledge sessions were eye-openers, and specifically geared towards the retail business. The session on ecommerce was informative and the insights into GST were useful. We will benefit from all the learning.

Antony Prince Jose – Owner, Prince Jewellers, Chennai
I’ve been attending RJIF ever since it started in 2015 and every year I see significant growth. My major takeaway this time was from the digital marketing session, where I learned about innovative branding ideas that can replace regular banners on mobile.

Sohail Shah – Partner, Star Jewellery, Surat
It’s quite fascinating to be here at RJIF. It’s a great place to learn what other jewellers are doing. Amazon gave us interesting perspectives on how online retail is developing internationally. Not just one, there were many takeaways from the Forum.

Atul Asthekar – Krishna Rajaram Asthekar & Co., Partner, Pune
The session on digital marketing was very informative and interesting. The last session, at which the speakers discussed the current scenario in retail, was also interesting. I gained many useful takeaways from each.

Saurabh Gadgil – Chairman & MD, PNG Jewellers, Pune
RJIF is a very inspiring platform as it has lot of idea-exchange and debate amongst a cross-section of jewellers, from independent family jewellers to jewellers from small towns, and retail chain jewellers. A number of topics relevant to the retail trade were covered.

Sachin Jain – President, Forevermark,
It is interesting to observe how much jewellers value knowledge, how ready they are to share their experiences and learn from others. The Retail Jeweller is doing a phenomenal service by building this platform.

Sachin Jain – Owner, Vardhman Jewellers, Haryana
It was a great experience being at the Forum, just as it was last year. The final session on modern retailing was the one I liked most. As a retailer I could relate to the presentations, and some of the ideas will help me transform my business.

Varuna D Jani – Varuna D Jani Fine Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
It was an excellent experience to hear professionals from different streams speak on topics of relevance to our industry. I think every member of this industry should attend the Forum. It helps broaden your horizons, which does not happen if you stay within the four walls of your store.

Anand Prakash – Managing Director & CEO, Abhushan, Agra
RJIF is a great place to gain knowledge from experts and peers. I valued the insights into the modern woman consumer, and retailers’ tested strategies for targeting specific consumer segments. The GST session was an eye-opener, highlighting upcoming challenges and how to meet them.

Priyesh Nagar – Partner, Madanlal Chaganlal Jewellers, Indore
I’ve participated in the Forum for three years now. It’s interesting to meet experts from outside the industry and learn from them. The experience leads to lot of positive takeaways. It changes my perspective and improves my planning for the year ahead.

Kirtana Grandhi – Director, Vaibhav Jewellers, Andhra Pradesh
RJIF is a one-stop destination for information that is relevant and useful to retail jewellers. That’s why I felt great to be there. I particularly liked the mobile marketing session, which examined how to market diamond jewellery to digital consumers.

Mehul Oswal – Director, Mahendra Jewellers, Kolhapur
RJIF is the best platform for jewellers across India to gain knowledge from experts and each other. In the post-GST world, jewellers need to know how to modernise and keep ahead of the competition. The GST session was incredibly insightful. The ecommerce session was helpful.

Vaijanti Gaigaonkar – Director, Chintamanis, Mumbai
This was an informative Forum. The sessions that brought me the most valuable takeaways were the ones on GST and on synthetic diamonds.

Krisha Ghanasingh – Director. Ghanasingh Be True, Mumbai
I attend the Forum every year. I think it’s important for the industry to come together and talk about the issues we face, and come up with intelligent ideas about how to deal with them. The Forum touched upon key topics like GST, online retail and social media.

Ishu Datwani – Owner, Anmol Jewellers, Mumbai
Business dynamics are changing fast. As the industry gets more organised, knowledge support from RJIF will help us move smoothly to the next level. Clearly, a lot of effort went into preparing the sessions, which were very pertinent. The exhibitors’ gallery showcased key vendors of value to jewellers.

Indra Jadwani – Vice President, Design & Merchandise, Hansini Jewels, Lucknow
The Forum was very well organised. The session on synthetic diamonds was the one I liked most. Nakshatra Mehta’s session on cross-category retailing was very informative. In next year’s Forum I would like to see jewellery trends forecasted.

Srinivasan Pillai – Marketing Manager, H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery, Mumbai
The session on social media was very interesting. However, a visual sampling of the instances from the presentations would have been still more informative and brought us quicker to the relevant insights. The cross-category retailing session by Nakshatra Mehta was very well presented.

Pradeep Palshetkar – Palshetkar Jewellers, Partner, Mumbai
The session on digital media where Lavin Punjabi spoke about mobile marketing of jewellery and its technicalities was very informative. The tips shared were useful and implementable.

Himani Harish – IKIGAAI, Founder, Mumbai
RJIF was a very good experience. It was definitely a knowledge boost regarding the jewellery industry. The session by Nakshatra Mehta gave a good understanding of retail. The Forum was well organised, but I would have liked the opportunity, between sessions, to interact with senior jewellery players.

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