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Farah Khan Atelier all set to launch at Chosen by Tejpal Ranka’s exclusive lounge at Pune




The joint venture promises to be a win-win for both, taking into account the retailer’s expertise and diverse client base as well as Farah Khan’s passion for innovation, to deliver an enhanced jewellery purchase experience

With unveiling of the Farah Khan Atelier line at Chosen by Tejpal Ranka in Pune slated for Saturday, August 26, 2023, the two brands are all set to combine retail expertise with brand experience and innovation to create mutual growth. Two new collections, with a starting price of Rs 32,000 for the jewellery pieces, will be launched at the same time.

Farah Khan, Founder and Creative Director, Farah Khan Atelier, says, “As a brand, it is very important for us to partner with like-minded retailers, where the core values align with the brand goals. Tejpal Ranka and his team havebeen very supportive and understand our common goal of delivering an unparalleled and luxurious brand experience to consumers. When it comes to standing out as a jewellerycollaboration, the city of Pune, its diverse clientele, and their distinct tastes and preferences will render uniquenessto this venture.”

According to her, the capacity of Chosen by Tejpal Ranka to adapt to Pune’s fashion landscape and their expertise as jewellers make them a suitable partner forFarah Khan Atelier.Moreover, Chosen by Tejpal Ranka’s exclusive lounge features a collection of high-quality jewellery pieces which will becomplemented by Farah Khan’s line that embodies her deep passion for design and innovation.

“Every city has its own distinct culture, fashion sensibilities and customer expectations. Pune has always been a great market for Farah Khan Atelier jewellery, so it allowed us to tailor our offerings at Chosen by Tejpal Ranka to perfectly align with the refined preferences of our Pune clientele. The focus on understanding and meeting the specific demands ensures that the Farah Khan Atelier experience remains truly exceptional for each and every customer,” Farah Khan adds.


Tejpal Ranka, Partner, Ranka Jewellers says the collaboration is being promoted strongly through social media, magazines and hoardings.Customers will also be invited to view the collections on the day of the launch and two days after it.At the event, Farah Khan will interact with customers to narrate the story of the collections and the brand’s journey.

Says Ranka, “We as a brand complement the creativity of Farah Khan, resulting in a win-win for both brands. Given how the customer is always on the lookout for new trends and designs, I think Farah Khan adds a very different dimension to jewellery. That is why we decided on this collaboration. She adds a lot of meaning to every piece she creates, and it relates very well to today’s consumer.”

As for future associations, both the brands are open to further collaborations with retailers and designers. They see it as the way ahead, as it drives their goal of adding more meaning to jewellery purchase through the entrepreneurial spirit and expertise of innovative brands and designers.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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