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Natural Diamond Council Introduces Their Latest Campaign to Continue Making natural diamonds aspirational



‘For Moments Like No Other’ fronted by actress Ana de Armas highlights moments to be celebrated with natural diamonds

 The world’s leading diamond producers, Diamond Producers Association relaunched as the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) to promote the desirability of natural diamonds and support the integrity of the natural diamond industry.  As an industry authority, the NDC aims to become the go-to digital publisher for innovative content covering all that’s new and exciting in the industry. NDC is also set to launch their first ever celebrity-led TVC campaign, ‘For Moments Like No Other’, with the gorgeous Hollywood actress Ana de Armas.

This new campaign marks a number of firsts for the Natural Diamond Council, in addition to welcoming its first Hollywood headliner. It is the first celebrity-fronted campaign for a diamond group (brand agnostic), adding an important contribution to an industry that supports the livelihoods of roughly 10 million people worldwide. This is also the first campaign dedicated to NDC’s “Only Natural Diamonds” platform, and the first marketing initiative to showcase such a diverse roster of Jewellery designers that work with natural diamonds in exceptionally modern ways.

Ana De Armas is a rising Hollywood star. She recently received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Knives Out and will soon appear in the latest James Bond film No Time to Die. She shines in the multi-part campaign, which was developed to celebrate the myriad connections that lead to natural diamonds being worn or exchanged. Ms. de Armas was approached for the project as she radiates with poise and modernity, and she epitomizes an ascendant, free-thinking generation. Her elegant, effervescent and easygoing demeanor reflects the next chapter in the history of natural diamonds; a mindset in which the traditional tenets of diamond-wearing and exchanging are dismantled, leaving an open playing field in their place. Ana is seen in laid-back outdoor settings with friends, with a parent, and with a partner. In this, a fresh, opened-up association continues to be emphasized: diamonds are not solely the purview of romantic interests or formal occasions. They are meant for every type of connection.  The campaign’s 30-second hero spot airing at the – IPL will be complemented by a series of shorter video segments, spotlighting the various relationships portrayed from the clip.

“I love thinking of diamonds this way, as special emblems of even our small personal moments,” said Ms. Ana de Armas. “They represent joy, warmth and beauty.”

Richa Singh, Managing Director, NDC, India, said: “We are thrilled to introduce yet another milestone in our journey to accomplish to make the natural diamond dream come true in India. The campaign adds to our endeavor and is perfectly timed as it redefines traditional diamond moments while cherishing a variety of personal connections with natural diamonds. We are excited to have Ana De Armas as the new face of natural diamonds and certain that the campaign will resonate with the new age customers. We hope that the trade will continue to support us and grateful to everyone for making the rebranding a success for us.”

The campaign which was lensed in coastal Portugal, directed by Manu Cossu and photographed by Camilla Åkrans will have a global presence, running in India, the United States of America, United Kingdom and China. In India, it will be launched with a digital first strategy on OTT platforms starting 19th September to target the affluent, informed luxury consumer and will release on television on leading premium Hindi & English channels. The Natural Diamond Council will also distribute campaign materials through its owned channels, including its website, which will feature behind-the-scenes footage and an interview element with Ms. de Armas, as well as comprehensive information about the brands and designers that are seen. For an enhanced connect with the local consumers & retail trade, there will be a section dedicated to similar jewellery designs that are available in India.

The NDC’s focus will be to become the go-to digital publisher for innovative content, covering all that’s new and exciting in the industry. It wants to position natural diamonds as aspirational and a luxury, making them perfect for celebrating life’s real moments and bonds. To take this effort forward, NDC recently launched a trade portal and an e-learning platform for the Indian retail community and the retail sales force respectively.

The trade portal, a first for India, enables retailers to not only collaborate but also arms them with best-in-class marketing assets as well as a chance to showcase their designs to customers across the country. The portal facilitates the collaboration of retailers and enables them to become NDC ambassadors.

The purpose of the e-learning platform is to make abundant knowledge on Natural Diamonds available to the retail sales force of the industry and empower them to use it in their everyday customer interactions. The program is divided into different modules covering various aspects of natural diamonds and the industry in multiple formats like text, images, video, infographics etc.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.


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