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Latest Bond girl Ana de Armas is Natural Diamond Council’s new brand ambassador




A face to reckon with, Ana de Armas has become the face for Natural Diamond Council. The latest Bond girl opens up about the association, what inspired her to work with the organisation and her ideas about the precious stone

Natural Diamond Council (NDC) has roped in the latest Bond femme, Ana de Armas for their newest collaboration, and what a dream it is! In the outdoorsy sea shoot in Portugal, she can be seen in the most beautiful pieces that man could dream of. After her breakthrough performance in Knives Out, the beauty has been cast in the latest James Bond film No Time To Die, slated for this November. Her collaboration with NDC adds to the allure, because no Bond girl is complete without the choicest of bling that is diamonds.

Why NDC? When asked, de Armas has the blithest response. “NDC was a perfect brand for me because it upholds a set of ethical standards.”


The campaign was shot amid the pandemic. While she found it different to work amid the norms and restrictions in Portugal, de Armas said the shoot was incredible because of the feel that NDC diamonds come with. “I loved how modern the styling of the jewellery felt. Every piece was so unique and beautiful,” she gushed.

The reason why de Armas loved it even more is because she could wear such royal pieces after a long time. Though her regular day in the office pertains to her wearing jewellery and make-up, the pandemic put a stop to all that. Bottom line, we all miss dressing up. In case of NDC diamonds, who wouldn’t, with the designs they have on the plate.

The preview video of the campaign has de Armas running around the beach and enjoying a lavish meal by the sea in the prettiest diamond jewellery.

Like a true Bond girl, de Armas loves her diamonds. “I’m lucky to own a few pieces. They are very special to me and remind me of memorable times. Wherever I am, a beautiful diamond always makes it feel and look more special,” she said.

When it comes to wearing diamonds, de Armas’ rules are simple — cherish the moment and the beautiful things in the world.

Wise, and true. The pandemic has reminded everyone in the world that life is precious and your near and dear ones, more so. A diamond is a mark of longevity and all things valuable. Owning an NDC diamond is even more so, because they are one-of-a-kind stones that have stood the test of time and have great value in terms of permanence.

NDC is not just a go-to brand for diamond, it operates through sustainability. Why should you stock their diamonds? Because they do a lot of good for the diamond industry, working towards building strong communities all over the world. This is what impressed de Armas and made her pick NDC for her brand ambassadorial role. She was impressed by the women involved in and driving the industry.

NDC takes care to support and empower them. In most mining communities that sustain themselves in the world, the industry is the main source of employment. The NDC prioritizes and strengthens them with infra projects — developing roads and building houses, hospitals and schools. They also protect every local reserve and farmland, which is so important to the local culture and economy..

Natural diamonds are a global resource. Working with NDC was an educational experience for the actor as well. Not only did she learn about the occurrence of diamonds, but also how it takes a billion years to forge every one of them.

de Armas has risen through Hollywood’s ranks like a shooting star and is one of the industry’s biggest young talents. Her four leading roles in big films this year alone; not to mention her Golden Globe-nominated performance in Knives Out, makes her the perfect girl to endorse diamonds. The fact that she has a Bond film on her repertoire now, adds to the allure of the diamonds she adorns—that of NDC.

Her role as a CIA agent in the Bond film required her to wear diamonds with sass. Through her ties with the Natural Diamond Council, she hopes to bring a modern twist to the glamorous decadence of any woman’s wardrobe.

She is aware of the value she brings to the table when it comes to glittering on a red carpet. “When the Natural Diamond Council approached me, they did not just focus on the glamour, but also what a diamond represents,” she said. And that is what sealed the deal for her.

The mission of the Natural Diamond Council is to advance the integrity of the modern diamond jewellery industry and inspire, educate and protect the consumer. With control over 75% of the world’s rough diamond production, they are the ones to connect with, if you want to live the famous movie quote — Diamonds are forever.



Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.

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