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Mia’s Share the Shine reels feature top-ranking sportspersons, inspires followers



Mia’s Share the Shine reels feature top-ranking sportspersons, inspires followers

Everybody needs inspiration. Every sector is highly competitive today, and to refuel ourselves, we either resort to entertainment or follow icons to make our journeys easier. Mia by Tanishq has chosen two similar luminaries in sports as part of its Share the Shine campaign.

The campaign consists of short, informative reels featuring archer Deepika Kumari and table tennis player Manika Batra. There are 5 reels featuring the two sports personalities and have an average view count of 8,000, which is pretty promising for a user base surfing the brand’s profile for jewellery-related ideas.

Kumari is the current world number 1 in archery and brought the country a gold medal in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Batra, on the other hand, is the top ranked female table tennis player and holds the 62nd rank globally as of July 2021. Little wonder that these heavyweights have countless admirers within and outside national borders.

The videos shed light on daily benefits from easy activities that anyone can do to improve performance. In one of the reels, Kumari talks about the importance of visualization during practice. “I visualize myself in the tournament and train my mind to focus on the strategies I need to take to win the game. That is how I maintain the highest level of seriousness in my warm-up times,” explained Kumari.

Batra stressed on the importance of motivational books. “Before a big tournament, I make it a point to read motivational books that subconsciously strengthen my mind before the match starts,” said Batra. Each of the sportspersons demonstrated three easy tips to energise themselves, namely yoga, work-out, meditation, reading, visualization and breathing exercises.

These learnings go beyond the scope of sports. They are universal and the little nuggets of information that Mia shared through this campaign actually strengthen the minds of users. Most users get surprised with the content and those truly delighted passes on the message organically through social shares. The strongest impact although is left on the minds of ambitious people who are a part of the brand’s fan base and start associating jewellery as an accessorizing element that boosts confidence and improves performance.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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