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Meet the designer Aditi Amin: Founder of her own designer jewellery label – Uncut by Aditi Amin & Argento by Aditi Amin



Uncut by Aditi Amin

Apart from being an investment banker and an entrepreneur for several years, she has also been an artist for over 10 years. Her quest to present before the world never before seen jewellery pieces leads to the creation of her label, By Aditi Amin.

Uncut by Aditi Amin is a collection of Contemporary uncut diamond jewellery. The collection aims to design Statement, Unique and Feminine jewellery pieces that are easy to wear and style. Uncut for me is an amalgamation of my exposure to every beautiful pieces of jewellery I have ever come across. The brand has originated from the need to create something new, yet be rooted in my Indian heritage, which is so rich in its techniques.

Teardrop earrings

Zoya Earring, samara pendant, Samara ring and Tansa cuff

Ruby Chambala




Samara studs, samara cuffs, alena pendant

samara pendant

What inspired you to get into this profession and what are your design specializations?

For me designing larger than life statement jewellery pieces is an expression of art and it can be regarded as my inspiration as well. The brand promises to celebrate the power and the uniqueness of today’s confident and bold woman who is not afraid to express herself and is proud of her uniqueness.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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