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The Chennai Silks’ harnesses technology to expand new jewellery brand Sree Thangam



The Chennai Silks' harnesses technology to expand new jewellery brand Sree Thangam

In order to streamline the billing process in its stores, Sree Tahngam has implemented radio frequency identification technology in its brick-and-mortar stores in Tirupur, Madurai and Dindigul, India Retailing reported. By offering a smoother, swifter, experience, shop staff can process orders faster and customers have a more relaxing experience.

“RFID helps us access information about a product a customer is interested in such as its weight, wastage, carat etc in a moment, just by placing the item on the tray,” The Chennai Silks’ head of IT Santhosh Sundarraj told India Retailing. “From weight to wastage to other measures and qualities of the product are displayed quickly.”

The new in-store technology is also designed to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, which appears to be on the rise again this winter, as it minimises the need to touch items or spend long periods of time facing the same customer. “Before the implementation of RFID, we used to check the entire stock at the end of the day and take a manual check on the products to understand how many pieces of each design have been sold and what’s in stock,” said Sundarraj.

The Chennai Silks has been operating for over 62 years in Tamil Nadu and began as a textiles business before evolving into a department store chain. The business’ latest edition Sree Thangam specialises in traditional style gold and diamond jewellery and recently launched its latest uncut diamond jewellery collection ‘Sahanas’, the brand announced on Facebook.

Courtesy: Fashion Network

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