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Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers engages buyers on Rongali Bihu with traditional dance by staff members in the store



Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers celebrates Rongali Bihu with traditional dance in-store by staff members, engages buyers in-store

The dance performance was carried out by staff members dressed in traditional Assamese attire, which led customers to resonate with their culture

Guwahati:  As different linguistic communities of India embrace their new year in respective festive fervours, Assam revels in Rongali Bihu. Sensing an opportunity to surprise customers in-store, Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers celebrated Rongali Bihu with lucrative offers on jewellery and a traditional Bihu dance performance by none other than their own staff members.

Rongali Bihu, or Bohag Bihu, stands as the paramount festival among the Assamese, heralding the onset of the Assamese New Year in April annually. Spanning seven days, this festivity embraces a tapestry of rituals and customs deeply ingrained in tradition. 


Commencing with Garu Bihu, the inaugural day pays homage to the well-being of cattle. Manuh Bihu follows, a day designated for joyous gatherings and festivities. Guxai Bihu on the third day venerates household deities, while Tator Bihu, or Bihu for the handlooms, glorifies the significance of handloom culture in Assam on the fourth day. Nangolor Bihu, the fifth day, extols farm equipment and the pivotal role of agriculture. GharosiaJibar Bihu honors domestic animals on the sixth day. The grand finale, Chera Bihu, crescendos with traditional dances like Bihu and Husori, marking a jubilant culmination of this vibrant celebration.

Commenting on the occasion, Mahatva Soni, Director, Manik Chand & Sons Jewellers, said, “Just like every year, we wanted to make Rongali Bihu special for our customers. In terms of product offers, we gave 25% off on gold jewellery making charge and 5% off on diamond and platinum jewellery. In the era of social media, we wanted our regional culture to spread outside Assam. That’s why the dance performance was scheduled on the first day of Rongali Bihu, a Sunday, where the walk-ins are fairly high.” 

The performance was scheduled in the afternoon on April 14, before and after which the staff members catered to the customers as usual. They were dressed in traditional Assamese attires which made the people resonate with their culture. Customers present inside the store during the performance were elated by the experience and clicked photographs, which led to organic social sharing by the brand. 

Although the performance was held once, the offer for jewellery by Manik Chand & Sons will continue till April 24, thus giving the brand a better opportunity to leverage the festive fever of Assam. 

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