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P. C. Chandra Jewellers enters men’s jewellery category, launches campaign with Sonu Sood as endorser 



P. C. Chandra Jewellers enters men’s jewellery category, launches campaign with Sonu Sood as endorser 

In the campaign video, the actor wears a bracelet from Eterknight, the brand’s first jewellery collection for men, and deconstructs the stigma around men’s jewellery and that men are not supposed to express their emotions 

Kolkata: P. C. Chandra Jewellers has entered the increasingly popular men’s jewellery category with the launch of Eterknight, its first jewellery collection for men. In the brand’s social media posts, the collection has been introduced as “not just an accessory but as a means to making a statement”. 

The brand partnered with actor Sonu Sood for a promotional video campaign to unveil the category and the collection, in which Sood himself wears a bracelet from the Eterknight collection. As the narrative unfolds in Hindi, Sood delves into the societal expectations placed upon men, highlighting the prevalent notion that men are taught to suppress their emotions and prioritize their responsibilities over their own well-being. 


Through the campaign and thoughtfully curated collection, P. C. Chandra Jewellers sparks a broader conversation about gender norms and self-expression in contemporary society. 

A poignant moment in the video arrives when Sood addresses a colloquial taunt that “men wear bangles to hide from their responsibilities”, challenging the stigma attached to men’s jewellery. The campaign asserts that jewellery knows no gender boundaries – it is a medium for self-expression, story-telling and empowerment. It also lays emphasis on how men are also entitled to feel moments of weakness and break down in the face of challenges, if they feel like it.

The collection itself describes this ethos, featuring bold and distinctive designs tailored for the modern man who is not afraid to defy conventions and carve out his own unique style. The collection, which comprises gold and diamond jewellery for men, encourages wearers to embrace their authenticity without reservation. 

To further reassure customers, P. C. Chandra Jewellers is offering complimentary jewellery insurance on the Eterknight collection, which is available at all their stores. 

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