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Kirtilals new brand makes a foray in the Indian diamond jewellery landscape and urges patrons to ‘wear their GLOW’



A new brand makes a foray in the Indian diamond jewellery landscape and urges patrons to ‘wear their GLOW’

BANGALORE: Over the last few years there has been a rising demand of functional and light-weight jewellery that can be used on multiple occasions. Empowered Indian women, are looking for versatile solutions in this space, that enables them and adds to their personal look in no time, while keeping their signature and core style intact.

GLOW by Kirtilals enters the Indian market with world-class diamond jewellery in a wide array of designs, with a legacy and experience of eight decades in creating premium diamond jewellery. GLOW is here to inspire its patrons to express themselves through our versatile, functional, and stunning jewellery. In fact, the brand sees jewellery as not just a piece of adornment but a creative extension of people who wear them. The first store of GLOW opens in HSR Layout, Bangalore, in the presence of leading Sandalwood actress, Sapthami Gowda, who epitomises the brand’s values of innovation and excellence.

A legacy of offering quality diamonds, craftsmanship and design

For the last 85 years, the House of Kirtilals has been at the helm of offering visibly brilliant diamond jewellery to its patrons. With exquisite craftsmanship, design skills and high-quality diamonds already in the DNA, this is Kirtilals foray into relevant products for customers in different parts of the world. GLOW has been launched to solve daily needs, to make the wearer feel confident, where she can express her individuality, and freedom, without any inhibitions. It is rooted in creativity, innovation and thrives on diversity – drawing inspiration from nature and traditional motifs and adding a signature touch to them. GLOW is the new steppingstone from the House of Kirtilals to offer contemporary designs in quality diamonds.

“It’s time we make a foray into taking this expertise of over eight decades and craft something different and special for women, who look at jewellery as a part of their personality. It’s no longer only an heirloom that is passed on from generations. GLOW is created for those who want to make diamond jewellery a means to express themselves fully. It’s the same expertise, design prowess and dedicated craftsmanship from the House of Kirtilals that has found a new canvas, “explains Seema Mehta – Director, Design.


The celestial logo

The play of celestial bodies, especially the lunar eclipse, is the inspiration of GLOW’s logo. Spiritually, the crescent moon signifies a new beginning. The brand embarks on a vibrant new path and pursues fresh horizons with the eclipse inspired ‘GLOW’. The visual interest rests on the type for the letter ‘O’, which marks a distinct resemblance to the haaram style necklaces in the world of jewellery. The crescent has also been shaped into the ‘The Crescent Collection’ with multiple products that emulate the shape of the logo.

Making waves in India and the US

GLOW is positioned as a pan-India brand with the first store in Bangalore. It will also have a digital presence for ease of purchase. “We want this brand to be the unmistakable hallmark of far-reaching expertise and enduring quality with flawless service at the core. We want to reach a larger audience in multiple cities through our network of stores and the digital platform. GLOW’s first store opens in Bangalore this February as beginning of a large network in the years to come,” says Suraj Shantakumar – Director Business Strategy.

GLOW’s progressive approach is reflected in its entire offering, and aims to be an ally for India’s urban customer who is looking for something fresh.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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