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What makes Kirtilals the most preferred workplace, according to Team Marksmen



What makes Kirtilals the most preferred workplace, according to Team Marksmen

Team Marksmen has conferred the title of Most Preferred Workplace to very few jewellery brands in India, one of them being Kirtilals this year. Some of the key reasons behind achieving this industry wide recognition are unique and unheard of in the jewellery industry.

Firstly, Kirtilals upholds workplace diversity. “We have representation from different religions, regions and people from different cultures working together as one family.”

The company also encourages women employees to take up higher positions and includes them in the decision-making process,” says Dr Sangita Sajan, HR Head, Kirtilals. The organization strongly believes in maintaining gender parity.

To foster a strong sense of belonging, they have their employees run their professional accounts across social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. “We also run a Kirtilals blog that acts as our virtual community centre,” she added. The company conducts various theme-based contests, and recently held one in photography.

The jeweller publishes an inhouse magazine every quarter to breed a sense of kindship amongst employees spread across different states. The magazine captures glimpses of all activities and events. It even involves the children of employees by highlighting their achievements or work in the other fields.

Acknowledgement runs deep in the ethos of Kirtilals. Performance enhances automatically when there is genuine appreciation and Kirtilals does just that by rewarding employees with accolades for their performance and contributions.

Every year the company celebrates retail employee day on 12thDec. It honours and rewards the performance of staff across all departments including retail, corporate and manufacturing. Additionally, it has many uniquely effective sales incentive schemes. Aptly names ‘Solitaire’, it offers special incentive for selling the highest solitaire, ‘Spot’ for selling the highest cartage to one single customer and ‘Ageing’ for selling the most aged stock.

When it comes to employee career growth, the brand considersregular training sacrosanct. It has developed an in-house training team and centre to ensure each employee is optimally skilled to do the job assigned.

Employee welfare programmes are also conducted to help each staff enjoy a work-life balance. Sessions with psychologists focussing on mental wellness are the new norm post -covid. The jeweller engages the services of nutritionists, gynaecologist and other professionals to impart knowledge on diverse important subjects.

All in all, the company creates an environment that energises employees and makes jewellery retail exciting each day. And in doing so it is nurturing the employees’ growth as much as its own!

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