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Kasturi Jewellers extends thoughtful gesture to 15 doctors across Patna on Doctor’s Day



Kasturi Jewellers extends thoughtful gesture to 15 doctors across Patna on Doctor’s Day

In a world where attention span of consumers is continuously dropping, brands have to find innovate ways to create awareness and lasting impression. And such wow moments need not always be created by showering clients with lavish gifts. A small heartfelt and thoughtful gesture can touch the right chords when extended at the right time for the right occasion.  Kasturi Jewellers, Patna, has done exactly that!

On the occasion of Doctor’s Day on July 1, the brand distributed a box full of perhaps a real surprise, to 15 doctors of repute across the city of Patna. The surprise was, indeed, a box full of mangoes. Dr Shipra Singh, Dr Rajesh Sinha, Dr Sarika Roy, Dr P K Agarwal, Dr Anil Kumar and several other reputed medical practitioners were taken aback when they saw a box full of fresh mangoes delivered on their doorsteps from the brand, with whom they have never had any transaction whatsoever. This is a brilliant move by Rishu Kumar Gupta, director, Kasturi Jewellers, to reflect his good-heartedness.

“These doctors hold very high reputation for their track record in our city. We all know that the pandemic taught us the worth of medical practitioners in the crudest possible way,” says Rishu. “We wanted to thank the doctors for saving countless lives as always, and came up with the most unique option of a gift that instantly puts a smile on their faces. We didn’t go for expensive items used to corroborate the stature of a doctors. Instead, we genuinely thanked each saviour,” he adds.

And that has worked wonders. Within hours of receiving the gift, the jeweller received phone calls from several doctors who were bowled over by this kind gesture. The doctors were deeply appreciative of the thoughtful gesture.  Regardless of any past clinical history with any of these doctors, the brand remembered their contribution to the society. Amidst the happy moments, the brand aced in getting its identity registered permanently in the minds of the distinguished doctors in the city. After all, who can resist or refuse a box of fresh, juicy mangoes? We know you can’t!

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