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Kicky and Perky goes the ‘momfluencer’ way for Mother’s Day campaign



Kicky & Perky goes the ‘momfluencer’ way for Mother’s Day campaign

The D2C silver jewellery brand has collaborated with influencers Linda Fernandes, Neha Jalan and Anjali Vira, known for their relatable content regarding mothers and women on the cusp of motherhood

Mumbai: D2C silver jewellery brand Kicky & Perky has come up with an interesting Mother’s Day campaign as part of their “begin with K&P” initiative. This campaign aims to acknowledge the significant transition women experience during pregnancy and early motherhood.

Emphasising celebration of the strength of mothers by encouraging loved ones to gift them special items from Kicky & Perky, the brand urges women to rejoice in their own experiences as mothers and treasure themselves by buying tokens of self-expression and affinity.

All campaign activities of this brand are focused on digital platforms, primarily through Instagram. The latest campaign involves mom influencer Linda Fernandes, who has shared a carousel post of herself donning exquisite jewellery by the brand. Kicky and Perky has also collaborated with two other mom influencers named Neha Jalan and Anjali Vira, who are known for their deep connections with audiences, particularly mothers and women on the cusp of motherhood.

The strategy is to encourage more consumers to purchase jewellery through the website and e-commerce partners such as Myntra, Ajio Luxe and Amazon during and before Mother’s Day, and the influencer collaborations drive traffic to their website. This performance marketing initiative includes extensive use of online advertising and social media promotions, highlighting Mother’s Day specially curated jewellery throughout the week leading up to May 12.


“With our novel social media campaigns and extent of reach offered by the influencers we have collaborated with, we are anticipating a 50% increase in website traffic as opposed to our business-as-usual periods. Moreover, we are expecting a 100% increase in social media reach and engagement during this celebratory period, compared to the periods before such crescendo days,” said Aditi Khandelwal, co-founder, Kicky & Perky.

Through the endorsement of these influencers, these activities stand to enhance customer acquisition by tapping into their followers’ interests and preferences. Furthermore, by engaging with the audience and gathering feedback, the brand aims to gain insights that can be used to refine future offerings, ensuring continued relevance and resonance with its target market. Overall, these activities are strategic steps toward achieving the brand’s objectives of growth, recognition, and customer satisfaction.

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