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Kalasha Fine Jewels aids NRI clients through ‘systematic exports process’ and virtual showcase




The showcase is an extension of the brand’s in-app experience which facilitates group video calls, virtual try-ons of jewellery, and sketches of potential customizations in real time

Hyderabad: Kalasha Fine Jewels recently hosted a private virtual showcase of its offerings exclusively for NRI customers. The idea to host virtual previews originated at the height of the pandemic when the lack of physical access to exhibition spaces led the brand to leverage digital mediums. The brand initially started developing its in-house app, which facilitated group video calls – a feature that was missing on applications such as WhatsApp at the time. 

While other jewellers also started conducting business virtually over applications like Skype and Zoom, the ‘systematic exports process’ that Kalasha Fine Jewels designed was what gave it the extra edge over other players who were innovating similarly in the virtual retail space.

Eventually, the private showcases for NRIs became a strategic extension of the Kalasha in-app experience. NRI customers could download the app, register for the showcase, and schedule personalized one-on-one calls with the brand’s representatives at a time of their convenience. They could also list their jewellery needs, design preferences and budgets, according to which Kalasha Fine Jewels would curate the catalogue to be discussed in-session. The group video call facility allowed customers, whose friends and family were dispersed around the globe, to have a shared jewellery shopping experience, similar to what they would experience at a store. 

Swetha Mamidi, Creative Head, Kalasha Fine Jewels, explained how the showcases are conducted. “Once on the call, the private showcase consists of a personal interaction and guidance session between the brand and the customer, during which the catalogue is shared on-screen. Simultaneously, the in-house designers show a rough sketch to customers, while a third-party application simulates virtual try-ons of the shortlisted offerings. The app’s stringent regulations also protect one from data breaches while preserving the exclusivity of the showcase.”


Virtual showcases and fostering personal connections with NRI clients have also helped the brand to increase exports, says Mamidi. The Government of India has incentivized jewellery exports by slashing associated GST and customs duties. While jewellers often translate this subsidy into lowered making charges and other discounts, Kalasha Fine Jewels is transparent about pricing and offers gold offerings at a discounted rate to end-consumers, she said. The brand initially started building on its exports by reaching out to trusted NRI clients who used to visit their showroom and purchase jewellery when in the country. Added factors such as a streamlined process, careful packaging and shipping, collaborating with NRI influencers, social media campaigning, and client testimonials have organically enabled goodwill towards the brand and amplified visibility within the close-knit NRI community.

“NRI customers, who make up about 25% of our customer demographic were at a double disadvantage because of the lack of physical access to exhibitions during the pandemic, as well as the difficulties they faced in accessing collections in line with evolving Indian trends in a foreign country. When they purchased jewellery in countries like the US and returned to India, they also faced the tiresome process of paying customs duties,” Mamidi said.

“With Kalasha’s app and virtual showcases, we have attempted to tackle these challenges. We educated clients on how the systematic documentation associated with exported offerings could save them the tiresome process of paying customs duties on jewellery purchased in the US. Our personalized guidance and reliable export procedure have benefited our clients greatly while helping us sustain and expand our international customer base,” she added. 

Written by Harshita Kale

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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