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Industry’s Most Innovative Diamond Buying App using blockchain technology



HK Group a leading stalwart in the Diamond industry has successfully developed and is launching Version 2.0 their mobile app. The app uses blockchain technology and innovation to offer customers Simplicity, Security, and Speed while purchasing diamonds.

Ghanshyam Dholakia, MD – HK Group, said,

We understand our customer’s needs. We wanted to offer overall security of trade. By using blockchain technology and innovation, we  leveraged distributed ledger technology. This initiative will ensure traceability of diamonds and documenting it’s journey from mine to customer while reducing fraud and duplication thus ensuring customers faith in HK.

HK Group is quick to adapt to this technology which ensures that the customer’s trust is protected. Given today’s scenario the customer’s trust is shaken with numerous Ponzi schemes, this effort further reinforces the customer’s trust

Brijesh Dholakia, CEO – HK Group, said,

There were three primary objectives while developing the app – Simplicity, Speed and Security. The app works on the principle of three simple clicks. The customer can browse the collection of over twenty five thousand certified diamonds and more… Just, open the app, select the diamond you wish to buy; research, verify the facts and buy. As easy as working with us

Ghanshyam Dholakia, MD HK Group  explains the second feature of offline browsing,

Taking it a step further the app is developed to incorporate a key feature where the customer can browse in offline mode.  “All one has to do is download the stock while in network, and then browse at your convenience even if there isn’t any connectivity.

Elaborating on the use of blockchain technology, Brijesh Dholakia Jr., CEO, HK Group explained,

We have used blockchain technology to ensure that the security of data is maintained. A blockchain is a digital, decentralized ledger of transactions, which constantly grows as completed “blocks” are recorded. Blockchain technology is secured using cryptography, which means that no one can tamper with the data once it has been recorded, and because the data is stored across its network on multiple locations, it eliminates the risk that comes with holding data centrally. This ensures authenticity of information. The diamond ledger speaks for itself thus guaranteeing the authenticity.

Known for their high ethical standards and over 25 years of unfailing trust, HK has taken one more step forward to provide the transparency and authenticity that the customer deserves.

Integrity and faith are key requirements for any interaction be it business or personal. Trust is lost when there is repeated inconsistency between a brand and the consumer. HK a brand synonymous with faith and integrity values the customer’s journey from awareness to action.

Courtesy: The Retail Jeweller India News Service

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