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IEG: The Museo del Gioiello Jewellery Museum re-opens its doors with the “designed in Vicenza” Exhibition




Friday, 11th September, will see the inauguration of the new exhibition dedicated to architects and designers from Vicenza who have included jewellery in their projects. “Designed in Vicenza” celebrates the re-opening of the museum, managed by Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) and Vicenza Council, to mark VOICE – VIcenzaoro International Community Event and coincide with the VIOFF initiative. The first visitors will enjoy an exclusive guided tour by the designers of the thirty-five works on display.

Vicenza (Italy), 9th September 2020 – Designed in Vicenza is the name of the new exhibition that, next Friday, 11th September, will be celebrating the re-opening of Museo del Gioiello, Italy’s first museum dedicated to jewellery and managed by Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) in partnership with Vicenza Municipal Council. In the wonderful setting designed by Patricia Urquiola inside the Basilica Palladiana, the Museum re-starts in total safety by putting the Vicenza territory’s cream of the crop on display: the architects and designers who have taken the creative soul of Vicenza into the world with their projects, and jewellery, and who will also be key players at VOICE – Vicenzaoro International Community Event to be held from Saturday 12th to Monday 14th, marking the first international jewellery show, organised by IEG, on the trade show calendar since the lockdown.

A re-opening following the principles of maximum safety, in full respect of the health measures foreseen by the international regulations and guaranteed by IEG through its #SAFEBUSINESS protocol. In order to access the Museum, visitors will be required to wear a face mask, have their temperature measured at the entrance by a purposefully installed thermal scanner and tickets will only be available for purchase online through the museum’s website: www.museodelgioiello.it.

Curated by Alba Cappellieri and Livia Tenuta, Designed in Vicenza will host a selection of thirty-five works by Vicenza’s top architects and designers until 31st January 2021: Atelier Crestani, Brogliato e Traverso, Aldo Cibic, Matteo Cibic, IV Design, Reggiani Ceramica, Joe Velluto and Cleto Munari, the master designer to whom the exhibition pays tribute on his ninetieth birthday. The designers’ jewellery items will be accompanied by a selection of products, also designed by them, in order to encourage a comparison between the different types of items and highlight the creative thought and design methodology that link an item of jewellery to a vase.

“Italian intelligence always places man at the centre of a project” as curators Alba Cappellieri and Livia Tenuta point out. “Respect for the anatomy, a preference for comfort rather than shock, evolution rather than revolution, beauty and quality rather than abstract or pure concept. The jewellery and objects on display prove it.”


Since the designers will be in attendance on the opening day, at 6 pm the Jewellery Museum will be offering a special guided tour of the eight design studios on display which, together with the curators, will accompany the visitors through an exhibition itinerary that aims to trace the aesthetic and experimental borders of the territory through new forms, visions and languages, capturing the spirit of time and making it tangible in jewellery and designs that encompass ideas, truth and beauty.

The Designed in Vicenza exhibition marks the beginning of the fifth edition of VIOFF, Vicenzaoro’s Off Show event under the theme of “A New Golden Way” that will accompany VOICE – Vicenzaoro International Community Event with initiatives held within the city from 11th to 14th September.

MUSEO DEL GIOIELLO/DESIGNED IN VICENZA | VIOFF OPENING TIMES Friday 11th September: 3 pm – 10 pm Saturday 12th September and Sunday 13th September: 2 pm – 10 pm Monday 14th September: 10 am – 6 pm

MUSEO DEL GIOIELLO/DESIGNED IN VICENZA | OPENING TIMES UNTIL 31.01.2021 Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.

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