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‘Heirloom Stories’ by NAC Jewellers turns the spotlight on upkeep of heirloom jewellery  




Chennai-based NAC Jewellers recently hosted an in-store event called ‘Heirloom Stories’. The event saw a positive response from many women who were a part of the interactive heirloom jewellery workshops, in which they got to learn the importance of heirloom jewellery. They also learnt ways to preserve their heirloom jewellery and gained insights on how they can get their heirloom jewellery restored and redesigned to fit in modern trends.

Apart from learning about heirloom jewellery, customers were encouraged to bring their jewellery and were helped to style it with multiple outfits. The customers were also individually instructed by the in-store jewellery designers at NAC Jewellers on how to upgrade their heirloom jewellery designs and restore them.

The event lasted throughout the day, with more than 20 women attending it. It was open to all who had registered previously on the website and those who wished to walk in. According to R Balaji, Business Development Manager at NAC Jewellers, hosting in-store events is vital to building customer connections. “NAC Jewellers always believes in keeping customers first. Guided by this thought, we keep hosting events for various occasions and even for various generations, as it is helpful not only for our customers but also for us to keep up with the trending demands and needs of our customers,” R Balaji concluded.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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