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Proud moment in India’s jewellery-making history, says Tushar Agarwal of Shiv Narayan Jewellers on Guinness World Records




When Shiv Narayan Jewellers set two Guinness World Records for creating the heaviest diamond-studded gold pendant and most diamonds in a single pendant earlier this week, it was validation of not only the work of their own skilled artisans but of the creativity of Indian jewellers as a whole on the world stage.

Speaking exclusively to The Retail Jeweller, Tushar Agarwal, Managing Director of Shiv Narayan Jewellers, said, “This accomplishment is a significant moment in India’s jewellery-making history and highlights the creativity and skill of Indian jewellers. The intricate design is a perfect representation of Indian art and culture, showcasing the talent and expertise of Shiv Narayan Jewellers’ skilled artisans. This achievement puts India on a grand stage and showcases the country’s potential in the world of jewellery-making. It’s a proud moment for India and its people.”

The record-making pendant’s design features Lord Ganesha sitting on a lotus, symbolizing self-realization, and it weighs 1011.15 g (35.66 oz). It is the heaviest ever-made pendant and has as many as 11,472 diamonds set in a pendant, which is a first in the world. It is made with 18 K gold, emerald stones and rubies. Guinness World Records verified the achievements on March 13, 2023.

It all began as an attempt to create some masterpieces for brand awareness, said Tushar Agarwal. “Our Chairman Kamal Kishore Agarwal guided us to start with Ganeshji. As per our belief, anything we start is in the name of Ganesha – He is our inspiration to make this pendant. In future, we will attempt many more world records in different categories of jewellery,” he added.

Agarwal stated that the brand’s commendable journey has been possible because of the attitude of reinventing it from time to time. “We continue to evolve and adapt to ever-changing trends in the jewellery industry, embracing innovation. We follow the vision of our Chairman, who is dedicated to achieving the highest level of quality while keeping up tradition. Shiv Narayan Jewellers’ goal is to be the king of creations by keeping up with new fashion trends and developing trust in the jewellery industry,” he explained, adding that the vision of the chairman of Shiv Narayan Jewellers to create something uniquely artistic in jewellery has propelled Indian jewellery manufacturing skills to great heights at the global level.


The story of Shiv Narayan Jewellers began in the year 2003. Today, it has become synonymous with the best brand for uncut jewellery in the jewellery industry. Backed by over 300 dedicated employees and a huge manufacturing unit equipped with all modern technologies, Shiv Narayan Jewellers constantly strives to achieve a balance between quality, value and trust. 

Written by Janhavi Ganguly

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