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GIVA and Bhumi Pednekar unveil silver jewellery collection inspired by rare flowers




According to the brand, the collection aims to cater to the unique style preferences of their customers and celebrate the beauty of nature through the jewellery designs

Giva has introduced an exquisite new floral line of silver jewellery in collaboration with actress Bhumi Pednekar. Known as the Bhumi Collection, the collection draws inspiration from six endangered flowers: Safed Musli, Bell Marrow, Brahma Kamal, Eyebright, Persistent Trillium, and Mountain Ebony.

Ishendra Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, GIVA, has also expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “GIVA is delighted to join forces with Bhumi Pednekar in bringing The Bhumi Collection to life. This collection has exemplified our shared commitment to delivering exceptional products. With these versatile jewellery pieces, we have aimed to delight our customers by offering them jewellery that not only celebrates the beauty of our planet but also caters to their unique style preferences.”

“I am thrilled to collaborate with GIVA on this collection,” expressed Bhumi Pednekar. “As an advocate for environmental causes and someone who always wanted to showcase my artistic skills, I believe that this collection has served as a beautiful reminder of the need to protect our planet’s endangered flowers. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to gift meaningfully, offering our loved ones jewellery that can be styled in countless ways. It’s a double dose of happiness!”


The brand, founded in 2019, has been offering silver jewellery in a wide range of designs to customers. Apart from silver, GIVA has also recently added gold to their catalogue. Currently, they have more than 40 retail stores in over 7 cities across India.

Courtesy: exchange4media.com

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