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Gargi by PNGS’ sponsorship of entertainment event Sukhan connects with the youth 



Gargi by PNGS’ sponsorship of entertainment event Sukhan connects with the youth 

Through this sponsorship, Gargi by PNGS engaged with and showed its support for the young artist community in a meaningful manner 

Pune: The cultural scene in most parts of Maharashtra, especially in cities such as Pune, is vibrant and dynamic, with a lot of young professionals and students showcasing their artistic prowess. Pune is known for its thriving arts and cultural heritage, making it an ideal location for events that celebrate music, poetry, and other forms of creative expression. Recognizing the city’s cultural vibrancy, Gargi by PNGS saw a fitting opportunity to engage with their target audience by sponsoring ‘Sukhan’. 

‘Sukhan’ is an event that blends music and shayari (poetry) around various themes that resonate deeply with the younger demographic. By sponsoring this event, Gargi by PNGS promoted their brand and contributed to the city’s cultural fabric. 

The event took place on the evening of June 06, 2024, at Balgandharva Rangmandir in Pune, a renowned drama theatre in the city named after Marathi singer and artist, Bal Gandharva.  

The young brand was founded in 2021 and has been offering trendy silver and fashion jewellery tailored mainly for Gen Z and millennial jewellery consumers. Gauging the cultural shift and the increasing popularity of youth-centric events, the brand aligned itself with Sukhan for a well-attended gathering the city’s youth who enjoy live music and poetry. Through this sponsorship, Gargi by PNGS engaged with and showed its support with the artist community in a meaningful manner. 


“We chose to be associated with this event as a sponsor as the target audience for our brand is the same as the target audience of Sukhan,” Aditya Modak, Director & Co-founder, Gargi by PNGS

Understanding the digital pulse of their target demographic, Gargi by PNGS strategically opted for online promotion of the event. Their Instagram handle features posts with creative captions which are snippets of poems from the performing artists at Sukhan. This approach not only showcased the talent of the poets and musicians but also resonated deeply with an audience that is equally passionate about contemporary art and culture. By intertwining their brand with the essence of such events, Gargi by PNGS effectively strengthened its connection with the young, artistic community. 

“The tickets to the show were sold by the organisers through bookmyshow.com. However, we wanted to ensure that more people could attend the event and therefore, we also gave out tickets to many 50 customers from our end, who purchased jewellery from us. It was a houseful show as all tickets were sold out or given away,” explained Modak. The brand initiated a lucky draw, a few days prior to the event, where jewellery buyers could win two free passes to the programme if they purchased jewellery worth Rs. 1500 or more at any of Gargi by PNGS stores located on FC Road or Laxmi Road in Pune. 

Also, the three exclusive brand outlets of Gargi by PNGS witnessed new walk-ins during the promotion of the event and after it took place. “This is the first time that the brand has sponsored such an event, and we will continue associating with similar initiatives in future, that resonate with the brand’s customer base,” added Modak. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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