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Rebranding with De Beers’ legacy will accelerate Forevermark’s positioning in the minds of consumers: Suraj Shantakumar, Kirtilals



Braving pandemic lows across jewellery market, Kirtilals is confident about their strategy with Forevermark that will help in brand growth year-on-year. De Beers’ add-on in the brand tag is a sweetener for the brand, believes Suraj Shantakumar, Director – Business Strategy, Kirtilals, as he talks to Samit Bhatta, Publisher, Retail Jeweller Magazine.

Samit Bhatta (SB): De Beers has changed the brand name to De Beers Forevermark. How it would impact the consumer mindset?

Suraj Shantakumar (SS):  I think it is a very good step because De Beers as a brand has been known in the Indian markets for a long time. I think the connection between Forevermark and De Beers is going to accelerate the positioning in the minds of the consumers. Consumers are more aware of Forevermark and the awareness has increased over the past few years. Bringing out De Beers’ focus on the aspirational value of natural diamonds and attention to social purpose will help position Forevermark better from a consumer confidence perspective as well.


SBYou have been a part of the Forevermark program for a long time. How do you think Forevermark diamond jewellery is going to perform in the current financial year?

SS: We are looking forward to some sort of growth coming in with Forevermark. Overall, the market has seen little ups and downs this year due to the regional lockdowns, but consumers are always there whenever the stores are functioning. We expect that as Forevermark has a kind of growing presence and in the consumer’s mind, that will also help us to grow. Our forecast for Forevermark is to grow year-on-year. We have planned a growth strategy with Forevermark. We are looking to possibly add one or two doors more in the De Beers Forevermark brand. I think, with De Beers Forevermark coming in, it’s going to be helpful for us as the consumers in the long term.

SB: What are your expectations from Forevermark Forum?

SS: Every year, the Forevermark Forum gives an opportunity to connect with everyone in the industry on one platform. We really get to know the cutting-edge technology that are happening in jewellery retail globally through Forevermark. This year, they are bringing a host of programs to better integrate retail partners with a long-term, design-driven and transparent trade strategy. Because of De Beers Forevermark’s global presence, they will surely bring in cutting edge technologies, retail practices and the best kind of knowledge sharing series with the interesting speakers that they always have on the platform.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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