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‘Expecting a lot of surprises from Forevermark 2020’




Saurabh Gadgil, managing director of PNG Jewellers, tells Samit Bhatta, publisher, The Retail Jewellers, that he is looking forward to the first-of-its-kind virtual Forevermark Forum.

Samit Bhatta (SB): You have been part of Forevermark for some time now. How has the journey been?

Saurabh Gadgil (SG):  I am very happy that the Forum is happening in these trying times. Although virtual, we are very excited about it. The Forevermark journey has been very fruitful, mutually beneficial and an enriching one. What started in a single store five years back, made it to three, and then five in our third year. Today, all of our stores have Forevermark certified diamonds. A lot of ideas were exchanged, mutual initiatives taken and it’s always been a very productive association. We are looking forward to many more years together, and like we all say, teamwork is the best thing in any industry. Forevermark really signifies that.

SB: In terms of collaboration, how has the PNG diamonds consumer benefitted?

SG: Forevermark diamonds are handpicked. So, obviously, the customer is assured of the best quality. At PNG Jewellers, we ensure that the customer is not charged more for the best diamonds. Each diamond has a Forevermark inscription, which is shown to the consumer for authenticity. Along with the diamonds, there is a certificate and an added guarantee by PNG Jewellers. If the customer is at peace, he becomes loyal to you and we have seen how certification and assurance is vital for them. So, he is assured of making the right investment. Diamonds are not only a long-term investment but also a luxury. With Forevermark, we are sure to serve them with only the best.


SB: Forevermark is known for its hospitality during the Forums, so what are your expectations from the upcoming virtual one?

SG: Like every year, there are good speakers covering various subjects, so, it’s not just about diamonds or jewellery, but about technology, Artificial Intelligence, new trends in retail, international exposure: we always had subjects to explore in consumer behaviour. We expect certain things from the forum, one of them being knowledge. We also make friends in the industry and get to look at manufactures displaying new designs and collections. As the Forum is in August, we can place orders and get the products delivered before Diwali. We expect the Forum to continue with its brilliant work. Sachin is a great host and the entire team makes sure that every participant is attended to. So, I am sure that there will be lots of surprises this year. Like always, there will be a lot of fun too and we are looking forward to it. People in my team, who could not attend the Forum before, can also be a part of it now that it is online. I would like to wish the whole team of De Bees and Forevermark all the best.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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