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‘The upcoming Forum will take the industry to the next level’



Prayas Dugar, managing director of Indian Gem & Jewellery Creation shares his journey wth Forevermark in a conversation with Samit Bhatta, Publisher, The Retail Jeweller.

Samit Bhatta (SB): Tell us about your journey with Forevermark?

PrayasDugar (PD): It’s been a long journey that has stood the test of time. We have been associated with Forevermark since the first day of its launch in India. Forevermark has played a key role in taking our diamond business to the next level. It all started with a small counter. Slowly, we have extended the operation to two more counters and today, we have two exclusive boutiques.

SB: What has been the experience of customers with Forevermark diamonds at your store? 

PD: Forevermark has done extensive promotions in India, and this has helped it become a household name. The image is good. When people enter the showroom, they expect Forevermark to live up to its name, and they instantly like what they see. We sell the maximum number of Forevermark diamonds from the display itself. One thing I learnt from Forevermark is, you don’t have to maintain a large inventory at your showroom to attract customers. As long as you display the right products, it draws attention. Many clients come armed with images of Forevermark diamonds, so they know exactly what they want.

SB: You are a big player in the eastern part of the country and customers from neighbouring places often visit your showroom. So, do you think Forevermark is popular outside Kolkata?

PD: Many retailers in eastern India are planning to open a Forevermark counter at their stores soon. We are working very closely with the Forevermark team to aggressively promote the store, as we intend to expand our operations. We get enquiries from Bangladesh too.

SB: What are your expectations from the upcoming digital edition of Forevermark Forum?

PD: The jewellery industry has always believed in touch and feel. So, the upcoming digital edition of Forevermark Forum will be interesting. We are very excited and I think it will take the industry to the next level.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.


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