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Chosen by Tejpal Ranka sells 80% of Farah Khan Atelier’s jewellery at joint launch in Pune




Collaboration between the two brands proved to be an important milestone in Pune’s jewellery retail landscape, as a jewellery designer and retail jeweller working together brought a fresh perspective of design to customers

Farah Khan Atelier recently launched an exclusive lounge at the Chosen by Tejpal Ranka showroom in Pune. The launch, a collaborative event by the designer and the jeweller, showcased Farah Khan’s Aayat, Amaira and Golden Hour collections at the showroom. About 80% of the jewellery in the collections was sold out at the event, according to Chosen by Tejpal Ranka.

(From L-R): Aashna Ranka, Asha Ranka, Tejpal Ranka, Farah Khan and Ishita Ranka

Both brands worked together to bring to Pune’s jewellery consumers the quality of a brand like Ranka Jewellers and the finesse of Farah Khan’s designing skills. Out of those invited, 80% of customers of Chosen by Tejpal Ranka turned up at the launch event, and 60% of attendees purchased jewellery, which had a starting price point of Rs 32,000.


Tejpal Ranka, Partner, Ranka Jewellers said, “A lot of people who have been following Farah Khan on social media channels made it to the launch. She is well-known for her creativity and design sensibilities, and everyone was keen to meet her and speak to her in person.”

The collaboration between Farah Khan Atelier and Chosen by Tejpal Ranka has been an important milestone in Pune’s jewellery retail landscape. Ranka explained that the event was significant as the city’s retailers usually work in standard ways. With a jewellery designer and a retail jeweller working together, not only did the brand benefit from a fresh design perspective but jewellery customers in the city too got more out of their jewellery shopping experience.

“My idea to have Farah Khan in Pune was to get the brand’s customers to understand the significance of this collaboration, which has been enhanced by Farah’s ambitious outlook and her talent. At the launch, she explained every product, and the story and thought behind it, with much passion and enthusiasm. This was one of the major highlights of the launch,” he said.

In Ranka’s opinion, this jeweller-designer collaboration is a game-changer for the brand. Ranka aims to be identified as a jewellery brand that is open to new concepts and ideas, instead of just being a regular jeweller, and this aim has been achieved through the collaboration, he said.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

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