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Plus launches its mobile version, broadens lead generation scope for jewellers




The app is designed to help traditional jewellery brands, that primarily use offline strategies, to get acquainted with digitization and improve their discoverability

The recent launch of the mobile version of the Plus app, which the brand calls ‘Bharat ka jewellery savings app’, brings jewellery retailers one step closer to discovery by customers. The application aims to guide digital-first consumers, in the age group of 25-40 years and known for investing in digital assets, to the stores of retail jewellers registered on it.

Founded in 2022 by entrepreneurs Raj Parakh and Veer Mishra, the app went live on Android and iOS recently and has seen over 1,000 downloads. It is now focusing on partnering with multiple retail jewellers, with more than 250 of them – including ORRA, Lagu Bandhu Jewellers, Om Jewellers and others – already on board.

According to the founders of Plus, this is the first application in India which helps connect customers with trusted jewellers across the country. By means of pre-planned store visits through the app, not only can customers purchase jewellery from brands they trust, but the jewellers also can play an important role in offering an enhanced experience to jewellery shoppers.


Raj Parakh, Founder, Plus says, “Today’s consumers are digitally-driven and want to invest in products in digital gold. As a digital platform, we aim to bring these consumers to the jeweller’s shop. We are a lead generation platform for retail jewellers and help them acquire new customers and also bring old customers who are yet to explore the digital space.”

Calling the app “a gateway for retail jewellers to create a seamless process for their customers”, Parakh says that traditional brands better known for their offline expansion strategies, that are new to digitization, can explore more retail opportunities through Plus. Retail jewellers who already have an online presence can benefit from higher chances of discovery, he adds.

According to Parakh, apart from the large brands, even small jewellery retailers who operate within a specific region can open up new opportunities with the Plus app, which enables discovery by buyers across India. He adds that Plus follows an operational process to onboard retail jewellers and offers a 12-month pilot to them, to ensure that the best jewellers of each city are part of the app. “We have a team that carries out a verification process, collecting data from jewellers, to ensure transparency between the jeweller and the consumer. After all, the jewellery business is built mainly on trust,” he explains.

Parakh says that Plus currently has multiple partnerships in place that generate leads for jewellery brands through festivals, events and ceremonies where there is an opportunity for jewellery retail. With bridal jewellery accounting for more than 50% of jewellery sales in the industry, brands in the bridal jewellery category could also benefit from this application, he adds.

On future plans for Plus, Parakh says, “The application has been launched in Mumbai, Bangalore and Udaipur and in the next one year, we aim to be a pan-India brand.” The company also has a plan in place for the upcoming festive occasion of Diwali, to lead more customers to jewellers of their choice.

Plus also offers an annual 10% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on jewellery savings that can be offset against jewellery purchases from retailers registered on the app.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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