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Chetmani Gems & Jewels sensitizes on civic engagement with voting awareness drive 



Chetmani Gems & Jewels sensitizes on civic engagement with voting awareness drive

The brand promoted this initiative in high-traffic areas and managed to reach out to nearly 3 lakh people in all, out of which about 1 lakh people were informed via social media and WhatsApp 

Varanasi: At a time when the country is discussing the Lok Sabha elections, Varanasi-based jewellery brand Chetmani Gems & Jewels organised a voting awareness campaign on May 26 in the city. The initiative came from the brand’s decision to step out of its way and foster civic engagement in a region where people are still understanding the importance of their civic rights.

“It does not matter who people vote for; it is a fundamental right each citizen has. The point was to get as many people to vote because even as a jewellery brand, there are opportunities for us to go above and beyond our business and create an impact in society,” said Vishal Agarwal, Director, Chetmani Gems & Jewels Pvt Ltd.

The brand, with two stores in Varanasi and another planned for July 2024, aimed to promote this initiative in high-traffic areas with substantial footfall during the day to maximize outreach and engagement. By targeting these bustling locations, the brand could connect with a larger and more diverse audience with national athlete Neelu Mishra supporting the campaign along with local authorities. Although the brand has previously worked for other social causes, organizing a voting awareness drive was a first for them.  

“As such, the population in Varanasi is around 40 lakhs. On-ground, we have seen at least 10,000 to 15,000 people during this campaign,” Agarwal explained, stating that offline and online promotions reached an impressive audience of nearly 3,00,000 people. Moreover, the brand made concerted efforts to communicate directly with its customers, informing them about the drive and highlighting its significance.


This approach ensured that the campaign’s message was effectively conveyed. “Our customer base of nearly 1 lakh came to know about this campaign through social media and WhatsApp messages. We did not want to promote the campaign inside the store as customers coming in may not want to be disturbed,” he maintained. 

While Chetmani Gems & Jewels reported a fair and regular number of jewellery customers at its stores during this drive, it also expressed that the scale of footfalls may have been muted due to the ongoing elections to some extent. However, according to their social media numbers, the brand’s customers responded enthusiastically and provided positive feedback about the initiative. 

As a regional brand, Chetmani Gems and Jewels significantly strengthened the voting awareness campaign through strategic branding on the banners. This not only increased the visibility of the campaign but also enhanced brand recall, serving as a form of indirect promotion. “We believe that only retailing jewellery does not earn us our place in society; rather the connection with people and potential jewellery consumers comes through their contribution to social causes,” added Agarwal. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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