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AuGrav Personalized Jewelry crafts trendy ‘Engraved Jewellery’ for gifting loved ones




The brand provides gold coins, gold jewellery and personalised couple rings engraved with fingerprint, name, barcode and voice waveform, photos and more; aims to become a one-stop jewellery-buying destination to end consumers’ search for the ‘perfect’ gift

AuGrav Personalized Jewelry is a customised jewellery brand that believes in making moments special for its customers. The brand aims to become a one-stop jewellery-buying destination to end consumers’ search for the ‘perfect’ gift. From rings and earrings to bangles and bracelets, AuGrav follows the new trend of engraving gold jewellery in India. Targeting 20-30 years olds, AuGrav wants to bring together the best Indian artisans and create custom-made jewellery for India and international markets.

“We believe everyone is unique, and we want to give them the option to represent themselves through custom jewellery.  We offer different kinds of jewellery pieces to engrave for various occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and housewarmings. We provide gold rings for weddings or engagements with fingerprint engraving, name engraving, barcode and voice waveform engraving, platinum and gold personalised couple rings with fingerprints, voice waves, photos and more, or photo and name engraving on gold coins,” says Vivek Krishna, founder, AuGrav Personalised Jewelry.


The brand’s name defines what they do:  Au- Gold, Grav – To Make or Engraved. “We were thinking of some unique names that are not traditional and should have a global appeal. At the same time, it should represent what we are working on,” says Krishna.

Sharing his cherished customer experiences, Krishna says he and his team feels delighted when they deliver the product to their customers. “I remember when a customer bought a locket with a hidden platinum diamond ring from us.  He gifted it to his partner, who did not find the ring inside until several months later when he proposed to her with it. Stories like these make our brand stand apart in the market,” Krishna states.

Krishna believes that nothing is permanent in the digital world. “Every two years, we rethink and morph ourselves to keep up with the changing audiences. Be it products or the way we reach out to customers; there is a drastic change. Each product has a different set of audiences, so we must set out on different online platforms. We were a digitally born first company since 2014. We sell on our platform and other platforms with free shipping all over India. We recently have started our experience store at Coimbatore,” states Krishna.

As AuGrav is set on a long journey to build its name in the market, Krishna says that he believes in taking things slow. “We have a list of things to do, but we plan only on profits earned. So we do it slowly, and our horizon is usually many years and not in months or days. We take our time to fully study, test and then deploy for a long-term objective in mind,” Krishna says.

AuGrav also offers personalised options in kids’ jewellery, 18-karat gold watches, festival collections, platinum cufflinks, pens, gold photo frames and braille engraved jewellery.

By Bushra Satkhed

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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