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Augmont – Gold For All launches ‘Sell Old Gold’ services enabling customers to sell their old gold with convenience



Augmont – Gold For All launches ‘Sell Old Gold’ services enabling customers to sell their old gold with convenience

Mumbai: Augmont Gold For All, India’s No: 1 retail Gold Platform, trusted by millions of customers is a single-stop destination for all. The brand that is at the forefront of all innovation related to gold in India has taken yet another step towards being a step closer to its consumers. Augmont Gold For All is set to foray into the Sell Old Gold business to simplify the process and provide assistance in all things related to selling old gold.

The brand is the first corporate mover encouraging the services in a fully transparent and digital process beneficial for the customer. In India, end-users do not have a transparent mechanism to sell their gold. Customers usually sell gold at the shop they procured it from. A greater challenge for customers is that they are compelled to trade their gold even to unknown shops wherein the purity of the gold isn’t usually acknowledged. This non-transparency, particularly among unorganised players, leads to a considerable decrease in the buy-back value for customers. Therefore, it is significant to endow consumers with information to facilitate them getting the best value for their gold.um.

Augmont’s first touch point for the Sell Old Gold process will be launched in the Zaveri Bazar outlet and services will further be expanded to other locations in the upcoming months. Through its Sell Old Gold services AGFA aims to offer the best rate and transparent procedure so that customers can always trust the brand for its services. The use of digital and automated service makes this a time-saving process. The brand endows any customer to walk-in for selling the gold in emergency or for exchange of cash for procuring new gold.

Under its Sell Old Gold scheme the brand offers free testing of gold, fully transparent gold melting process and one of the best valuations for selling one’s used gold via digital transaction process. The three staged purity assessment based on customer’s preference encompasses features like touchstone, XRF scientific gold purity testing Machine and advanced melting machine that can melt the gold quick and easily. Additionally, the gold shall be valued based on its purity, weight and current market rate.

Ketan Kothari, Director of Augmont Gold For All, says, “Through the Sell Old Gold activity, Augmont Gold For All aims to create awareness of the Augmont Gold Buying branches in target customers and want to make the existing and new customer more aware about the new product added into Augmont Product portfolio. By foraying into Sell Old Gold Business, we intend to bring easy services when there is need for selling gold.”


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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