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With 25 tonnes of gold jewellery sold, Diwali edition of GJS 2023 is emerging as a strong delivery show



With more than 10,000 attendees and business transactions to the tune of Rs 18,000 crore, the India Gem and Jewellery Show (GJS) 2023 met the jewellery demand ahead of the festive season with significant success. Innovative jewellery concepts and the timing of the show made it a vital platform for exhibitors and buyers, even as it mirrored the consistent demand for affordable, lightweight designer jewellery in the market.

The Diwali edition of the India Gem and Jewellery Show (GJS) 2023, organized by the All-India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), proved to be a success, generating business to the tune of Rs 18,000 crore across couture, loose stones, diamonds and machinery segments. The premium B2B expo, which goes by the moniker #HumaraApnaShow, sold 25 tonnes of gold jewellery and had more than 10,000 attendees including premium international buyers. Held from September 30 to October 3, 2023, at the Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai, the show had 400 exhibitors, with over 800 stalls and 250 international guests. The show was a reflection of the industry’s vitality, offering a plethora of styles and choices for retail jewellers. Strategically timed to precede the festive season, the show aimed to help retailers obtain quality jewellery pieces to present to their customers. Saiyam Mehra, Chairman, GJC, and Convener, GJS, stated, “With the success of the Diwali edition of GJS 2023, we are convinced that it has become the industry’s biggest and widest expo. Our premium B2B expo provides a platform to discover new designs and provide better reach to exhibitors and visitors.” Nurturing creativity and craftsmanship and providing networking opportunities are the core objectives of GJS, said Rajesh Rokde, Vice Chairman, GJC, and Co-convener, GJS.

What captivated participants

Pragnesh Navadia, Partner at Diyora LGD Pvt. Ltd., painted a picture of remarkable success with their ‘PureTraces Above Earth Diamond Jewellery’ collection. Not content with resting on their laurels, they embraced technology by launching a virtual store, a testament to the industry’s forward-looking spirit. Jitendra Jain, Director of KGK Jewellers, shared his perspective on the strategic timing of GJS ahead of the festive season. “This ideal timing allowed retailers to shine, connecting with numerous serious buyers, both familiar faces and new entrants. However, as buyers leaned toward ready-made pieces, a challenge arose in meeting Diwali festive demands,” he said. Jignesh Mehta, Founder & MD, Divine Solitaires said, “Our newly launched diamond coins witnessed high demand, a clear sign of buyers’ willingness to invest in our unique jewellery offerings.” Expressing gratitude to loyal customers for their festival bookings, Mehta highlighted the importance of rallying behind local businesses and retailers and appreciated the community spirit within the jewellery industry. Khushboo Ranawat, Director of Swarnshilp Chains Pvt. Ltd, went to the event with a diverse range of traditional and modern jewellery. “Our long-standing participation in GJS attests to its consistent value for us. Our commitment to delivering exceptional jewellery is unwavering,” Ranawat said. Rachana R Shah, Head of Jhalak Jewellers, noted the vibrant energy among manufacturers and a renewed focus on unique daily wear jewellery collections. “This mirrors the demand for affordable, lightweight designer jewellery in the market. The event attracted quality buyers, particularly those interested in lightweight jewellery,” she added.

“GJS Diwali Edition 2023 involved all sectors of the industry and gave a platform to discover new designs and provide better reach to exhibitors and visitors. GJS sold 25 tonnes of gold jewellery and generated overall business of Rs 18,000 crore including couture, loose stones, diamonds and machinery section”

Saiyam Mehra Chairman, GJC, and Convener, GJS

“GJS is appreciated and encouraged for its role in stimulating networking and business growth. Nurturing creativity and craftsmanship, and providing networking opportunities, is the core objective of GJS. We heartily thank all our visitors and exhibitors for being a part of and making the GJS Diwali edition a success”

Rajesh Rokde Vice-Chairman, GJC,
and Co-Convener, GJS

“GGJS 2023 introduced our remarkable diamond collection and innovative concepts, focusing on lab-grown diamonds”

Pragnesh Navadia Partner, Diyora LGD Pvt. Ltd.

“The shift in consumer preference reveals the evolving landscape of the jewellery market during festive season”

Jitendra Jain
Director, KGK Jewellers

Shift in purchase patterns

Nitin Ashtekar, Director, Akash Nitin Ashtekar Jewellers Pune, Pune, commented on the wide array of pieces catering to various price points, which is excellent for retailers. “We did not purchase this time, but we intend to enrich our collection with carefully chosen gold and diamond pieces. This reflects our commitment to keeping up with the evolving tastes and market preferences,” Ashtekar said. Vikas Kataria, Managing Director, DP Jewel Line, highlighted the new and unique designs in polki, antique, kundan polki, and silver jewellery, all of which are making a significant impact. “These distinct wedding and festive special jewellery pieces are turning heads, leading to forward bookings to meet the upcoming seasonal demands,” he said. Suresh V N, DGM – Jewellery, Joyallukas India Pvt. Ltd., said, “We discovered suppliers, and found a wide array of collections that revealed the sheer diversity of jewellery pieces.” He suggested having dedicated booths for high-end designer jewellery, expanding the selections to align with the evolving demands of the market. GJS 2023 held up the dynamic and evolving landscape of the jewellery industry. It was a treasure trove of opportunities and insights that will shape the retailers’ approach to meeting customer expectations by enhancing their portfolio substantially.

“GJS 2023 was perfectly timed, with unique booths, and we appreciated our buyers’ festival bookings”

Jignesh Mehta
Founder & MD, Divine Solitaires

“Our long-standing participation in GJS showcased a mix of traditional and modern jewellery, attracting diverse shoppers”

Khushboo Ranawat
Director, Swarnshilp Chains & Jewellers

“Today’s market prioritizes design, with a preference for affordable, lightweight designer jewellery”

Rachana R. Shah Head, Jhalak Jewellers

“Timing was on our side, aligning with the onset of the festive and wedding seasons, which are prime buying seasons”

Suresh V N
DGM – Jewellery, Joyallukas

“Customers today prioritize quality over price, making budget constraints a secondary concern”

Nitin Ashtekar, Director, Akash Nitin Ashtekar Jewellers, Pune

“We would like to see more of kundan, antique and polki pieces in the upcoming jewellery shows”

Vikas Kataria, MD, DP Jewel Line

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