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VRQUIN Virtual Reality technology for Indian Jewellers




The use of jewellery in India goes back to more than 5000 years ago, some ancient Indian jewellery was also found from the Indus Valley civilization. Indian jewellery is enchanting, captivating the hearts of people globally by its ornate varieties, heavy embellishments, and diverse design and materials.

The traditional jewelry market in India revolves around Bridal jewelry. Weddings are one of the times when customers in India heavily involve in guilt-free shopping. Gold is the age-old choice of metal among customers. No matter what kind of bridal jewellery forms the current trend, gold never loses its sheen.

More modern wedding trends in India include the special use of high-value diamonds. In recent times the engagement proposal starts when a handsome guy goes down on his knees and pops the big question with the most gorgeous looking stone on the Earth. Diamond engagement rings are a more modern addition to the age-old Indian jewellery repertoire.

The advent of software technology in India has propelled cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad to worldwide recognition. In the last few years, the jewellery industry has witnessed a lot of disruptive innovation with advancements in technology being driven from startups in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Keeping up with this trend of smart technology startups, VRQUIN has utilized Virtual Reality technology to help the Jewellery industry in India in the best ways possible.


Enhancing the look and feel of products using 3D animation

One of the problems that jewellery businesses face in the shopping window, is that the customers cannot see the minute details of the jewellery pieces. Various details of the jewellery items like the place of origin of the gems used in jewelleries and quality of the gems cannot be communicated easily to the customers.

VRQUIN solution – VRQUIN solves this problem by allowing 3D animations to enhance the look and feel of the jewellery products. VRQUIN products can also display information about each component of the jewellery, thus making all the important information easily accessible to the customers.

Security risks in Jewellery business

Though CCTV surveillance, alarm systems, and security guards have been put in place, many jewellery owners still do not have a secure mechanism to display extremely high-value items. To reduce security risks traditionally businesses install CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems, they lock showcases when not in use during lunchtime and night-time, they lock up windows and doors before the last person leaves. To protect from earthquakes and other natural disasters jewellery stores are built with strong walls. Some jewellers also build safety vaults away from the business and customers.

VRQUIN solution –

VRQUIN is built to address the security risks of jewellery businesses. Virtual Reality 3D technology allows high-value jewellery items to be placed in lockers away from the main stores. This allows high security around such high-value items while allowing customers to see a real 3D image of the same product.

  1. Viewing future product designs

One of the biggest challenges jewellery businesses face is to showcase upcoming designs. It is well known in the jewellery and high-value fancy products business that the latest trends make most sales. Usually, banners and printed material is distributed to announce the launch of a new product. But there is no good way of showing the real product to customers while the product is being designed.

VRQUIN solution –

VRQUIN allows showcasing the latest designs which are currently under production. Such designs are shown in full 3D with the elaborate colours as would appear on the new jewellery items once the product is released. This helps in gaining the attention of the customer and helps create product awareness.

Conclusion –

VRQUIN has been selected by Tanishq, an industry leader in jewellery design and production for providing Virtual Reality solutions. The features of VRQUIN devices have been designed to keep the needs of the Jewellery businesses in mind. VRQUIN devices have the ability to attract customers and can be used to provide information about the jewellery products in a way to increase sales.

Testimonials –

Tanishq, Bangalore:  Thanks for your outstanding, creative, and on-time delivery of awesome interactive 3D Display. It is really hard to find reliable partners these days but with VRQUIN we found a long-term support-partner.

VOLVO, Sweden: Biranchi and the team do truly amazing work. Throughout the almost two years that I have worked with them, on everything from interaction, to 3D display, to custom content, and everything in between, they have truly helped us build an inspiring, stylistic, attention-getting identity for our company. You won’t be disappointed.

HP, INDIA:  we are very fortunate to have found VRQUIN. If you are looking for someone to develop Artificial intelligence-based technology for your business, then relaxed look no further. VRQUIN has a creative, fast, and efficient developer. they deliver all work on time and their passion for their development clearly shows in their work.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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