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Uplifting in-store event marks Sri Vasavi Thanga Maaligai Jewellers’ Women’s Day celebration



Sri Vasavi Thanga Maaligai Jewellers recently hosted a special in-store event to celebrate Women’s Day at their showroom in Tamil Nadu. The company invited many prominent women from various streams of life to speak to attendees at the event, and raise awareness about the struggles faced by women. This initiative by Sri Vasavi Thanga Maaligai Jewellers saw huge response from women all over Tamil Nadu and received great appreciation.

Meda N. Ravi, Managing Director of Sri Vasavi Thanga Maaligai Jewellers, termed the event as a “truly inspiring experience”. He said it was heartening to see so many women come together to celebrate and support one another. “The celebration not only highlighted the accomplishments of women but also raised awareness about the issues they face in their daily lives. It was a powerful reminder that women are capable of achieving great things when they have the support and encouragement of their community. As a company, we are proud to say that we practise gender equality by ensuring that our hiring and promotion practices are fair and unbiased,” he added.

At the celebration, a company spokesperson welcomed everyone in the opening speech, and introduced the keynote speaker, a well-known teacher named Thenralarasi. She shared her experiences of overcoming obstacles and achieving success in a male-dominated industry. She also talked about the importance of supporting other women and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

The in-store event also included games, complimentary souvenirs and snacks. The celebration ended with a performance by Sivanesan, Kalaivani, Abinesh, Jeya Krishna Moorthy and Arun Karthik, who performed songs and poems in tandem with the relevance of the occasion.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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