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BC Sen Jewellers creates brilliant commercial for occasion-less gifting



BC Sen Jewellers creates brilliant commercial for occasion-less gifting

Occasion-less gifting isn’t common in jewellery. When the product is luxurious, it’s a natural tendency for its target audience to seek occasions for gifting. Nevertheless, when emotional attachment is strong, one doesn’t need occasions to thank a loved one for his/her contributions. This rakshabandhan, BC Sen Jewellers delivered a masterstroke of a Bengali commercial with their latest video.

The video shows a young man relishing childhood memories of his elder sister who’s going to be married. Reminiscing about her utterly confused character, he gets cold feet about letting her leave her family to embark on a marital journey. Seeking ways to thank her for her priceless contributions, the man chances upon natural diamond jewellery of BC Sen Jewellers and finds a diamond bangle for her.

What connects with the audience is the fine performance by the actors on the commercial. Essaying the role of the brother, Aryann Bhowmick struggles to meet his sister in the eye and thank her for everything by ‘just’ buying a piece of jewellery without any reason. The message is relayed aptly by Bhowmick’s hesitation and culminates successfully in an occasion-less gifting.

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