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Senco Gold and Diamonds is powering men



Suvankar Sen (1)

Backed by strong research data and consumer insight, Senco Gold and Diamond takes a serious step in men’s jewellery category by launching an exclusive range called Aham Collection.

–Manoj Chakraborty

Jewellery has often been associated with women in India however, with the market for men’s jewellery growing at a considerable pace; many retailers across the country are trying to get their hands on this category.

Taking a sincere step in men’s jewellery category, Senco gold and diamonds recently launched a dedicated jewellery line for men. Speaking about the collection, Suvankar Sen, Executive Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds said, “Aham signifies self-respect and dignity. So it goes without saying that it had to be the most important elementary objective of the range from the design point of view.”

He believes the challenge isn’t so much about building a brand, but to justify each design to shine on with a perfect blend of masculinity and finesse for a sustainable market presence keeping in view the price and positioning at the right time with the right mix of products to style up the millennium males with an edge to shine on.

Designed especially for the cosmopolitan man, the jewellery can be worn as part of daily wear as well as in social occasions or for sheer power dressing by the men of honour.

The brand has significantly invested in market research before deep-diving into the category. “The research data from new markets shows that the latent desire of power dressing among men is on a substantial rise. There lies another great opportunity for our brand to stand out in its glory by endorsing our men’s jewellery range. The trend is good and the opportunity is high.”

Hence the idea of Aham saw its evolution with a classic advert for the men on the move at their stylish best with the brand’s ambassador Sourav Ganguly as the icon for the first Aham advertisement. The tagline ‘Shine on’ signifies the inherent encouragement to become successful,” added Suvankar.

AHAM-Men's jewellery collection

The brand also launched a new TV campaign on the collection. Suvankar feels that the demand for men’s jewellery is huge and it is surprisingly positive across the nation. Be it a simple studded ring, a minimalist platinum chain or masculine gold bracelet, the millennium men are going all out for it.

Explaining the consumer insights behind the launch of men’s collection, Suvankar said that they have thoroughly researched the market gaps through a survey. As a part of their research, men accompanying their family or alone were interviewed and asked certain pre ascertained questions regarding their overall experience, product availability as per their expectations and the gap fulfilment recommendations for the men’s range. This exercise was conducted for a substantial pre-defined time and after the survey, it was found that there was a huge gap between their expectations and market offering in general. Their better halves also expressed their earnest desire for a larger Men’s range. With this promising conclusion, the brand was quick enough to take a strategic call to foray into the segment.

Presently the men’s range contributes to an average of 6% in the jewellery market and now with the launch of Aham, Senco is hopeful that the brand will witness a substantial growth as these customers have identified themselves delightfully with the brand and sales have witnessed a consistent increase and expect it to increase by approx 50% year on year in this segment.

Under the Aham Collection, the price of the Gold jewellery starts from Rs 30,000, Platinum jewellery from Rs 7000-Rs 2,00,000 and Diamond jewellery starts from Rs 40,000. The range offers a signature collection of rings, bracelets, cufflinks, ear-studs, chains and pendants in diamond and gold.


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