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Saffronart Announces the 2nd Edition of its Highly Anticipated Jewellery Conference



Quote creative - Minal Vazirani

Mumbai, 16 August 2019:  Saffronart’s Dialogues in Art series presents the second edition of its biennial jewellery conference, titled Mapping a Legacy of Indian Jewels, at the Four Seasons hotel in Mumbai on 11 – 12 October 2019. The two-day conference features an illustrious line-up of speakers including leading jewellery historians, specialists and designers from across the globe. 

India has been at the centre of the gem trade, with a rich repository of gemstones and a legacy of excellence in gem cutting, jewellery design and fine craftsmanship that spans over 5,000 years. As a source of inspiration to the world’s leading designers, fashion houses and jewellery brands over centuries, the Indian subcontinent’s encounters with different civilisations and cultures have provided a rich confluence of aesthetics and techniques. The upcoming conference seeks to explore and engage in discussion on India’s cross-cultural legacies.

In 2017, Saffronart hosted the first jewellery conference of its kind globally. With the subcontinent being a key nodal point for jewels and jewellery over the last several centuries, it is only fitting that the discussion and focus returns to India. The second edition of the conference follows the overwhelming response to the inaugural edition and will include interdisciplinary sessions exploring themes such as the jewellery and gem trade in Portuguese Goa, a history of the diamond trade, the jewelled history of South India rooted in royal patronage, and much more.  

Saffronart’s President and Co-founder Minal Vazirani said, As the pioneers of jewellery auctions within India, we presented a structured format for jewels and jewellery design, to highlight their history, legacy and values, within what must be the most sophisticated and pervasive jewellery market in the world: India. To support collectors in this journey of learning, acquiring and appreciating jewels and their historic Indian legacy, Saffronart presented the inaugural conference in 2017 which was a resounding success. This year, we return with the second edition of Dialogues in Art which is titled, Mapping a Legacy of Indian Jewels. This immersive two-day discussion on jewels is a rare convergence of a highly illustrious panel of speakers who will share the kind of unparalleled knowledge and expertise that is not easily accessible or publicly available. Saffronart remains committed in bringing greater focus to India’s wealth of aesthetic and cultural traditions, across categories, and introducing these to a whole new generation of collectors, connoisseurs and enthusiasts who are creating their own legacies.”

Mapping the Legacy of Indian Jewels is curated by Dr. Usha R Balakrishnan, a leading jewellery historian and reputed author, who said, “As a curator, it is my goal to put together a programme that promotes close interaction between experts, creators and connoisseurs. Mapping a Legacy of Indian Jewels does just this. Over two days, we will trace ancient traditions, modern techniques, showcase exceptional beauty, and explore India’s jewellery legacy across time and space.


Speakers include conference curator Dr. Usha. R Balakrishnan, cultural capital consultant and jewellery historian; Hugo Miguel Crespo, art historian and author; Lisa Hubbard, international jewellery specialist, former Jewellery Chairman of the Americas for Sotheby’s and current senior advisor to Christie’s jewellery department; Joanna Hardy, international jewellery specialist; Cynthia Meera Frederick, Chief Advisor to the Maharaja of Kapurthala; 

Jack Ogden, jewellery historian; Viren Bhagat, foremost contemporary jewellery designer in India; Wendell Rodricks, international fashion designer and author; Deepthi Sasidharan, Director of Eka Archiving Services; and Manu Pillai, journalist and author. 

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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