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“Retailers must innovate more to make multi-purpose precious jewellery simpler and more useful.”




Modern living has its own demands. And women are adpating as per this living and also adding their own uniqueness to it.  This lifestyle includes wearing jewellery that works in any scenario . And this is what jewellers have understood quite early and have begun their journey into multi-purpose jewellery to give more value to consumers. The woman of today looking for value for money will surely look at multi-purpose jewellery as the perfect investment and indulgence.

Multi-purpose jewellery is the opportunity to connect with the client and it is this jewellery that will allow any retailer to stay ahead  in business. This will be the trump card for the retailer – their USP. What a multi-purpose jewellery collection does is position the retailer as modern and allows the client to consider the retailer an ace jewellery designer who adds value rather than just create regular pieces. There are high chances of the client coming to your brand as they will find your one piece of jewellery multipurpose, original and used in many ways on different ocassions. They will be thrilled and choose to do repeat purchases from you in future.

The young woman of today is very well read and aware and therefore looks at functionality as an important basis for a luxury buy. They are very conscious about where and how they are investing their money. With multi-use jewellery they are assured about being able to justify a luxurious buy which can adapt to various styles & occasions. Hence, we see a lot of young brides coming in with requests of picking up jewellery for their big day in a way that it could be worn later, without it looking repetitive.

Simple usability must be this jewellery’s plus point. To give an example, if created well, a cocktail ring can become ear studs or a pendant. That particular jewellery becomes the talking point and chances are the word of mouth publicity will bring in more customers. It is a win-win situation in generating business plus building a great retailer-client rapport.  But one needs to be careful as with badly made jewellery, customer complaints can be high if such jewellery is not made with care and precision. Losing a client (who can become a regular) is not an option.

Multi-purpose jewellery is here to stay and will be high on the list for the new generation which seeks value not only in terms of design but also functionality. Every jeweller needs to focus on this segment to be relevant to the next generation of customers.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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