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Retail is War, Declares Chennai-based JCS Jewels Creations




By Suneeta Kaul

Retail jewellery is a crowded space. From big chains to single-store neighbourhood outlets, there is a retail jewellery showroom in practically every corner of the country. Yet, such is the lure of retail that more and more entrepreneurs keep venturing into the field.

Take the case of JCS Jewel Creations, based out of Chennai.

The company has a long and illustrious history of manufacturing jewellery of all kinds, but it was not content with just manufacturing. So, in 2013, it forayed into retail, opening a swanky outlet, with a shopping area of 2000 sq ft.

“The journey of our company began in 1993, when we stepped into manufacturing of chains. We soon grew throughout South India as the largest supplier of chains. We then expanded our activities, and moved on from just chains to silver and diamonds,” says Arvind Katrela, Managing Director, JCS Jewel Creations.


From manufacturing to retail

But what prompted him to enter the retail arena? Katrela says it was the paucity of design in jewellery being offered by other retailers at the time. “Taking a good, hard look at the market we were in, we noticed that there was a lack of varied designs for customers to choose from. We wanted to bridge this gap, so we came up with the idea of opening a retail outlet, through which we could offer a range of products. It’s been seven years now and there is no looking back. We have spread our reach across the globe, and established ourselves as a boutique jeweller in India for exquisite temple jewellery, antique jewellery, diamond and silver jewellery,” he adds.

In addition to the sheer range being offered by JCS, it also leverages its experience as a jewellery manufacturer. “Having been a manufacturer for so many years, we have a better idea of what the consumer wants, how to cater to changing tastes, and meet the demand of all generations. We are into all types and patterns of jewellery, catering to all age groups. Our focus has always been customer satisfaction, observing the changing trends of the market, seizing opportunities, predicting the shift in consumer demand, and proactively meeting it,” Katrela says.

Being a South Indian retailer, based out of one of India’s biggest cities, Katrela has some interesting insights to share about the region’s customers. “South Indian customers are very conscious decision-makers,” he says, adding, “They always prefer to be loyal to the brand they choose. And they are much more aware about hallmarking.” Statistics seem to bear this out, as the sale of hallmarked jewellery is the highest in the southern region, with 70% to 80% of the yellow metal sold being hallmarked gold.

Quiz him a little more, and Katrela comes out with some more insightful information. “Of late, there has been a swing in the buying patterns of jewellery buyers. Gone are the days when jewellery was bought for weddings alone. With a rising proportion of women in the workforce, more and more women are buying jewellery for daily wear, for wearing to parties and get-togethers, for going out with friends, or just for the fun of it,” he explains.

Moving on to a problem faced by practically everyone in the world, Katrela says dealing with the pandemic-related problems has been a very tough proposition. ‘’The COVID problem has been a big challenge for the entire industry. The only positive for us is that people have not indulged in frivolous spending, and have wisely used their resources for investing in gold. With FD rates dropping day by day, people are choosing gold as a prime investment.”

JCS has taken several steps to get back on track. Apart from ad campaigns, it also conducted exhibitions, both in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. “Besides, we also showcased exclusive collections of jadau and temple jewellery in our store,” informs Katrela.

So, what advice does he have for jewellery manufacturers who might want to get into retail? “Retailing is a good market always in any business. Actually, it is not a business. It is war. It is a daily battle, where big giants and small players all compete and fight in the same field,” Katrela declares.

Well, at least JCS seems to be war-ready.



Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.

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