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PGI’s Men of Platinum contests aim to increase customer engagement during cricket season, winner to be announced on May 14




‘Powerplay Challenge’ and ‘Man of Platinum’ contests launched under the aegis of PGI’s men’s jewellery brand, Men of Platinum, reflecting the spirit of cricket

The Platinum Guild International (PGI) – India has launched the ‘Men of Platinum’ contests under the aegis of its men’s jewellery brand, Men of Platinum, reflecting the spirit of cricket in an attempt to engage consumers throughout the game season. Men of Platinum’s ‘Powerplay Challenge’ promotes the image of an ideal man through allusions to the sport. The brand asks weekly questions to users on its social media page, giving three options. The best option gets the maximum runs, and it is revealed as a scorecard on the next day. At the end of the entire contest, the ones with the maximum score will win a ticket to a cricket match. This contest was launched on April 18, with the first scorecard on April 19, following the same pattern every week. It has been running for a month, and the winner of the contest is set to be announced on Sunday, May 14.

Men of Platinum is also hosting the ‘Man of Platinum’ contest in collaboration with Cricbuzz. The contest asks participants to choose a ‘Man of Platinum’ among the four cricketers mentioned as options. This is to promote a sportsman’s image, which highlights the values of the sport in that particular week. The answer is posted on the brand’s Instagram handle. This contest ended with the announcement of three winners of match tickets on April 30.

The area of sports is a great arena to channel positive energies and chivalry. Therefore, Men of Platinum took up the gentleman’s game in this season of cricket to promote the ideal values of a man. The strategy was well-fitted for the season and the consumers that Men of Platinum wants to reach.

The Platinum Guild International -India launched Men of Platinum in 2019, powering a new narrative on masculinity with its platinum jewellery for men. The line equates the rarity of the metal with strength of character.


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