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“In a world that surrounds you with the usual and cloud you with stereotypes, we are the ones who love delivering out of the ordinary. With Chosen, we are here to tell a story — a story of distinction with class as backdrop and modernistic fashion at its climax. Chosen showcases the pinnacle of design & craft that is as exclusive as it is exquisite. There is literally nothing like it in the world.”

Chosen highlights subtlety, believing less is more. It does not hold complex terminologies that are beyond human comprehension. We strive to be the only moniker of fine luxury, associating its grandeur with only those who are worthy of it. We want to be a brand renowned amongst its customers for not just jewellery, but the experience of it too. Chosen embodies all that is fine and strong, yet does not overpower those who carry its offerings.


While your charm encapsulates those around you, Chosen reciprocates the same magic on you. It is a part of you, crafted after you. Many great forces have combined their skills to bring art to your glory. We put your individuality to each piece that’s crafted as the ‘Chosen One’. Chosen is for the lady, powerful in her essence, steely gritty in her being, with an ineffable charm about herself. While it may add value to you, it does not overpower you. Subtle yet captivating, Chosen uses minimalistic yet elegant designs, that speak just enough. It inspires beauty and greatness for those who have proved their mettle and are rightfully, the Chosen ones.


At Chosen, every piece is made to taste with exclusive, high-engineered diamonds. Each design is treated with sensitive care, thus guaranteeing timeless, exquisite and dainty jewellery.


It is intricate, design-rich and unique. It is subtle yet noticeable. It is embellished. It is graceful yet glamorous. Gold jewellery at Chosen is contemporary, classic, and forever.


A balanced amalgamation of modern yet rooted jewellery aesthetics, a Chosen Polki collection is that and more. It is handcrafted, charming, detailed and very comfortable.

Simplicity carried to extremity, becomes elegance. Elegance is not about being noticed— it is about being etched in memory

The beauty of beauty lies in its intricacies!

Confidence breeds beauty.

Elegance is the balance between proportion, emotion and surprise, and we at Chosen have struck the right balance between these 3 parameters, bringing to you the finest jewellery buying experience.


We at Chosen gift you the perfect ambience to set the tone for an experience like none other. While you have gone the extra mile to find the perfect piece of art, rest assured that your wait ends here. Let the luxury lounge leave you spellbound with its up-to-date technological systems, while its intricate designs take your breath away. At Chosen, everything, including the interiors, is YOUR namesake . . . done so for YOU.


Chosen is for you. Every pillar, every design highlight is a reflection of you. Chosen, are you?


Chosen is more than just about buying fine jewellery. Let the ambience at Chosen transit you from the ordinary to the enchanted. With every step that you take, let the mysteries surrounding your Chosen piece unfurl.


At Chosen, we do way more than just crafting fine jewellery. We create memories and what better place to enjoy those than at a splendid lounge? Walk in and experience a treatment the regal you is worthy of. Let the tasteful décor add to your aura, while you take a leisure look at our collection. The experience is mystical yet modern. With ingrained high-tech devices, enjoy a modern-day fairytale-like experience at Chosen.

Experience royalty, for you are the Chosen One!

Chosen is for you. It crafts your style into art, ensuring what comes to you is yours in spirit. Every design here speaks itself. It is specially designed, carefully curated and delicately cut so that what you pick is a reflection of you for time immemorial. More than just pieces of jewellery, we create experiences and recreate history. So come, visit us and let the world we’ve chosen for you, mesmerize you for a lifetime.

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