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Nornament hosts exclusive preview with The India Story, boosts visibility through private showcase of curated collections



For the jewellery brand, this was its first partnership venture with The India Story for showcasing its product offerings to a select group of clients

Kolkata: With an aim to showcase their fine jewellery curation to a select audience of jewellery lovers, Nornament, a Kolkata-based jewellery brand, recently hosted an exclusive preview in the city. The exhibition was organized in collaboration with lifestyle and art platform ‘The India Story’ at Swabhumi – The Heritage Plaza, Kolkata.

Though jewellery brands opting for private exhibitions of their product offerings is quite a norm, for Nornament, this signifies the first collaboration for the brand with another entity. Together, both names boast unique identities that combine effectively in this partnership.

This collaboration stands as a testament to mutual benefit, fostering a symbiotic relationship between both entities. “The amalgamation of Nornament’s distinct offerings with The India Story’s expansive platform not only amplifies brand reach but also enhances the overall experience for participants and attendees alike,” said Sushma Maloo, Founder, Nornament.

According to the jewellery house, The India Story serves as an exceptional avenue for exposure, reaching a wide spectrum of audiences spanning various age groups. This diversity grants exhibitors the opportunity to draw in a significant crowd, maximizing their visibility and engagement. The jewellery brand expressed satisfaction with the recent exhibition, citing it as an enriching experience. 

The company sought enhanced visibility through its participation in the exhibition, strategically leveraging the platform to highlight its product range. Although direct sales were not the primary focus during the showcase, the brand is anticipating a potential uptick in business through increased customer inquiries and subsequent sales in the future. This calculated move aligns with the company’s long-term growth strategy, aiming to capitalize on the exposure garnered from such events to bolster its market presence and attract new clients.

During the exhibition, the brand chose to mainly focus on its Cameo Collection, featuring exquisite pieces such as the Dove Bird earrings, the Sun & Moon pendant, the Night Knight pendant, and the Gardens of Grace necklace. Alongside other intricately designed jewellery items, the brand strategically emphasized its travel-friendly jewellery range, recognizing consumer enthusiasm for this category. Including these versatile pieces in the showcase underscored Nornament’s commitment to catering to heterogeneous consumer preferences while showcasing their craftsmanship.

“As a jewellery brand, we are always looking for ways to offer exclusive products for our clients. The event provided a valuable experience for both us and our customers, who were impressed and satisfied by the preview of our creations,” explained Maloo.

The brand also added that the collaboration not only highlighted the strength of the partnership but has also set a precedent for Nornament’s future synergistic endeavors in an evolving business landscape.

The event facilitated increased brand visibility and engagement with potential customers, prompting a desire to further explore such opportunities. With the positive reception, the brand has expressed its commitment to expanding its presence.

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