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Natural Diamond Council report highlights maximalist and colourful trends in diamond jewellery this year




From extra-large earrings and chokers to pairing natural diamonds with colourful gemstones, and solitaires for daily wear, latest Jewellery Trend Report identifies the big trends

The latest Jewellery Trend Report released by the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) is an ode to the rising popularity of maximalist trends in jewellery. It highlights the upcoming natural diamond trends for the season, reflects changing consumer behaviour and can become a conversation starter for the retailer. Featuring 48 brands from India and the UAE, the 2023 trend report identifies three main trends that focus on using a number of styles and designs, while staying rooted in sustainable slow fashion. 

The first trend is XXL earrings andchokers, featuring large and extravagant jewels glittering with natural diamonds. This trend is fuelled by consumers who make adventurous choices and want to express their individuality through statement jewellery for maximum impact. The second trend, diamonds and gemstones, embraces the playful side of the consumer who likes to pair natural diamonds with colourful gemstones, adding a touch of colour to one’s personal aesthetic. This trend is expected to be popular with men and women who are spirited, glamorous and have a youthful approach to jewellery.

The third trend is the modern solitaire, which celebrates the timeless elegance of a single diamond and highlights the ‘power of one’. This trend speaks to those who appreciate the essence of exclusivity and eternality. Solitaire jewellery is increasingly being considered beyond the traditional norm of engagement rings, and is quickly becoming a staple in modern heirloom collections. “Solitaires are eternal in more ways than one. The diamond shines through, and I love it because there is so much simplicity and grace. I wear a string of solitaires or a just a ring very often,” says HH Maharani Radhikaraje Gaekwad of Baroda.

“Natural diamonds are precious, but they’re also among the oldest and last forever. So, using them a bit more effortlessly will define how we evolve our relationship with them,” says Mohapatra.


“Consumers are looking for innovative ways of self-expression. And while trends may be cyclical in nature, what remains constant is our love for jewellery,” says Richa Singh, Managing Director, Natural Diamond Council India and the Middle East.

The report has been compiled with inputs from experts from the fields of journalism, fashion and design: Sarah Royce-Greensill, jewellery and watches editor for the Telegraph UK, and TATA Cliq’s fashion editor Nonita Kalra, international fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra, film producer and stylist Rhea Kapoor, entrepreneur Roohi Oomerbhoy Jaikishan and gemologist and jewellery influencer Katerina Perez.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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